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Count Savaric de Pardieu, KSCA
(Bryan Perdue)
1152 county Rd 2400 East
Casey, IL 62420 (618) 302-7047
Between 4:30pm-9pm Weekdays only

List of Thrown Weapons Marshals

109 Thrown Weapons Marshals
Eirik the Elder Warranted -- Select one --
Mary Garrett of Seasalter Warranted -- Select one --
?(Justin Beigh) Warranted Constellation
Antonia di Troina Warranted Constellation
Arinwald Rotstein Warranted Dragons' Vale Constellation
Arnall Kuntz Warranted White Waters Constellation
Calyvorri ine Kill Warranted Rivera Constelle Constellation
Ceanntighern MacIllechallum Warranted Dragonsmark Constellation
Demetrious the Undecided Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Dominique Warranted Dragon's Vale Constellation
Ealswyth Warranted White Waters Constellation
Edward of Freeholt Warranted Cuil Cholum Constellation
Elayne Gwenhlian de Belleme Warranted Narrental Constellation
Grant Graeme de Menteith Warranted White Waters Constellation
Jean Paul Pierrepont Warranted Dragons Vale Constellation
Kirsten Thorsteinsdottir Warranted Field Constellation
Matheus MacTavish Warranted Rivenvale Constellation
Meg Warranted Constellation
Neptunalis Wihelm Fredrich Von Metton Warranted Strikkenwood Constellation
Rhonwen verch Tuder Warranted Stonecroft Constellation
Rymbol of Rivenstar Warranted Rivenstar Constellation
Saereid of Rivenstar Warranted Rivenstar Constellation
Saranna Warranted Constellation
Timothy O'Byrne Warranted Riviere Constelle Constellation
Aleid van Groningen Warranted Carraig Ban Midlands
Alexander de Seton of Altavia Warranted Ravenslake Midlands
Ates Ejderhas Warranted Dark River Midlands
Derric Brendan of Scarborough Warranted Blackhawk Midlands
Donal Brewer In Training Shattered Crystal Midlands
Dunchadh MacGabhann Warranted Illtion Midlands
Eadric the Smith Warranted Midlands
Elayne Thorne Warranted Illiton Midlands
Emmiken Die Waeyer Warranted Grey gargoyles Midlands
Faelan Laidhgeann Warranted Midlands
Fazzie Warranted Midlands
Gailen Alric Ros Warranted Shattered Crystal Midlands
Gareth Thorne Warranted Illiton Midlands
John Chaddewyck Warranted Illiton Midlands
Kveldulf Scallagrimsson In Training Ravenslake Midlands
Liam Martini Warranted Ravenslake Midlands
Lochlain MacGregor Warranted Ravenslake Midlands
Marie Tetreaux In Training Baile na Scolaire Midlands
Mariken van Batavia called Emmiken Warranted Grey Gargoyles Midlands
Michael Ian Sinclair In Training Ravenslake Midlands
Neko Me Warranted Ravenslake Midlands
Robert Thorne Warranted Illiton Midlands
Sidi Hachmin Ben Yosef Warranted Illiton Midlands
Simon Hondy Warranted Baile na Scolairi Midlands
Skarp Hedin Leifsson Warranted Dark River Midlands
Steps Warranted Midlands
Vladymyr Orendorff Warranted Baile na Scolairi Midlands
Zavinia Warranted Midlands
Adrianna de la Telarana In Training Oaken-North
Arwenna of Kelsley Warranted Gwyntarian Oaken-North
Breccan Warranted Oaken-North
Brice le Corbet Warranted Gwyntarian Oaken-North
Caius MacAn Bhaird Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Dab Essa Laigen ingen hui Nuallain Warranted Oaken-North
Duncan De Vere Warranted Thistle Oaken-North
Eidiard an Gobhainn Warranted Dearnehealde Oaken-North
Eirk Von Hallstead Warranted Saipinananiga Oaken-North
Elena Inghean Ronain Warranted Eastwatch Oaken-North
Emma of Flanders Warranted Oaken-North
Farthegn Rinkson Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Fohl Dubh Warranted Oaken-North
Greybarr of Wayne Warranted Oaken-North
Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe Warranted Gwyntarian Oaken-North
Konrad Mailander Warranted Red Spears Oaken-North
Nigel FitzMaurice Warranted Gwyntarian Oaken-North
Quentin MacGowan Warranted Alderford Oaken-North
Rickard of Gryphons Rest Warranted Rivenvale Oaken-North
Roewynne Langley of Mugmort Warranted Middle Marches/ Mugmort Oaken-North
Sabine de Creuequoer Warranted Dernehealde Oaken-North
zippora Ledyle (zigana) Warranted Oaken-North
?(Alan Lirtzman) Warranted Oaken-South
Caedmon Wilson Warranted Unicorn Oaken-South
Duvessa MacSweeney of Cork Warranted Oaken-South
Einhard of Stahlgeist Warranted Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Gruffydd ap Gronw Warranted Shire of Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Gustavo de Taveiroos Warranted Oaken-South
James Cunningham Warranted Flaming Gryphon/ Havenholde Oaken-South
Kestral Altara von Barton Warranted Oaken-South
Mikj'all Warranted Oaken-South
Orn Askelson Warranted Oaken-South
Sofie von Kolln Warranted Oaken-South
Sven Karlsson Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Tylo Reden Warranted Oaken-South
Ullr Amaranthson Warranted Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Alexandria Sabine of Motengarde Warranted Pentamere
Bartholomew Mac Molan Warranted Pentamere
Brand Mailleure Warranted Pentamere
Brighid the Ageless Warranted Rimsholt Pentamere
Brother Bartholomew MacMolan Warranted Altenberg Pentamere
Bruce Daman In Training Three Walls Pentamere
Eginolf von Basel Warranted Talonval Pentamere
Hamish MacQunnie of Mar Warranted Pentamere
Herr Eginolf von Basel Warranted Talonval Pentamere
Hrefna Stormshadow Warranted Westmere Pentamere
Isak Darkcraft the Merchant Warranted Rimsholt Pentamere
Janusz Gryf Bykowski Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Jean Yves de Chierebourg Warranted Rimsholt,Canton Pentamere
Maximilian der Zauber Warranted Fasach Mor Pentamere
Nunyo De Talonval Warranted Talonval Pentamere
Nyilas Kazmer Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Padraig mac Raighne Warranted Northwoods Pentamere
Rhuah Jonsdottir Warranted Pentamere
Trelogin Tavistock Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Tristan Thorne Warranted Pentamere
Wolfgang the Knife In Training Pentamere

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