Marshallate Badge
Count Savaric de Pardieu, KSCA
(Bryan Perdue)
1152 county Rd 2400 East
Casey, IL 62420 (618) 302-7047
Between 4:30pm-9pm Weekdays only

List of Youth Marshals

209 Youth Marshals
Connor Mac Mahon Warranted -- Select One --
Margaret O'Donnell In Training ------------------ Select one -----------------
Aethel MacGillavrey Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Alfred Brekewall Warranted White Waters Constellation
Amalie Warranted Constellation
Amalric des Etoiles Warranted Constellation
Anna of Kirkaldy Warranted Whitewaters Constellation
Bjorn Arnaldsson Warranted Constellation
Bradwyn Warranted Constellation
Brigit Douglas Expired Constellation
Caleb Killian Warranted Constellation
Calyvorri ine Kill Warranted Rivera Constelle Constellation
Ceanntighern MacIllechallum Warranted Dragonsmark Constellation
Crystal Berringer Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Donna Dennison Expired Constellation
Dyderich Wolfhart Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Ealswyth of Dragonvale Expired Constellation
Engelbert the Pious Warranted Greyhope Constellation
Gallien le Cavalier de I'lle Warranted Constellation
Ian MacChatain Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Jamie Blackrose Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Janice Drake Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Jarid de I'Ile Longe Sault Warranted Constellation
Jarid de l'Ile Longe Sault Warranted Constellation
Loptr Orlygsson Warranted Constellation
Magdelena DeCourteney Warranted Constellation
Miguel de Santiago Warranted Constellation
Moira MacGillavrey Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Odette d'Amboise Expired Sternfeld Constellation
Palymar of the Two Baronies Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Ragnarr Arnbjornsson Warranted Riviere Constelle Constellation
Raphael Delchambre Warranted White Waters Constellation
Rois O'Flaighbhearthy Warranted Constellation
Rowen of Lakewood Warranted Constellation
Runa Kirri Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Sabah al-Rashid Warranted Greyhope Constellation
Simon the Dark Hand Expired Constellation
Sorcha MacGuillavrey Expired Sternfeld Constellation
Thomas der Kreuzfahrer Warranted Constellation
Torquil MacGillavrey Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Vicente Xavier Raposo Warranted Constellation
Viktor Vukov Warranted White Waters Constellation
Vindis Sigtrygson Warranted Constellation
Zafirah of White Waters Warranted Constellation
Acelina of Derelei Warranted Midlands
Altani Warranted Midlands
Andrew Blackwood MacBaine the Purple Expired Tree-Girt-Sea Midlands
Bartelmeu le Wis Warranted Midlands
Bridget O’Kelly Warranted Shattered Crystal Midlands
Brigid MacCauley Warranted Midlands
Caitlin Zoldszem Warranted Baile na Scolairi Midlands
Catalin Zoldszem Warranted Baile na Scolairi Midlands
Catriona MacDohonnachgidh Warranted Midlands
Dietrick von Hamburg Expired Tree-Girt-Sea Midlands
Fern de la Foret Warranted Tree-Girt-Sea Midlands
Gailen Alric Ros Warranted Shattered Crystal Midlands
Gareth (Bloodwurth) O'Shaughnessy Warranted Vanished Woods Midlands
Gintaras the Taura Warranted Ravenslake Midlands
Gocauo Ramiric Expired Vanished Wood Midlands
Griffin Warren Warranted Midlands
Guerric der Wilde Fuchs Warranted Vanished Wood Midlands
Gunther von Brandenburg Expired Blackhawk Midlands
Henry of Exeter Warranted Midlands
Hillary Gordon Warranted Vanished Wood Midlands
Ian MacEyer Warranted Midlands
Ixtilixochitl Warranted Loch Morrow Midlands
Jonathon of Wimbern, called the Osprey Expired Grey Gargoyles Midlands
Julianna de Pardieu Warranted Midlands
Kendrick Cameron Warranted Saint Carol on the Moor Midlands
Kinji Warranted Midlands
Maire Ingen Dauith Warranted Tree-Girt-Sea Midlands
Mariana De Los Expired Ravenslake Midlands
Maximilian von Fallingbostel Warranted Midlands
Michelle Baker Warranted Swordcliff Midlands
Olaf the Strong Warranted Saint Carol on the Moor Midlands
Radegund Warranted Swordcliff Midlands
Robert Downy Forfar Warranted Midlands
Roibhilin of Adair Warranted Lochmorrow Midlands
Sarah von Brandenburg Warranted Midlands
Sean O'Shaughnessy Warranted Vanished Woods Midlands
Sebastian Elgar Warranted Midlands
Sorcha Robson Warranted Midlands
Thomas Penyngton once called Svein Sveinsson Warranted Grey Gargoyles Midlands
Wolferam von Gorlitz Warranted Baile na Scholari Midlands
Aiden Alpin of Dunkeld Warranted Red Spears Oaken-North
Alaric le Fevre Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Baldwin of Chelmford (called Badger) Warranted Stonehaven Oaken-North
Balthasar (of Middle Marches) Warranted Middle Marches Oaken-North
Brangwayn Snowden Expired Cleftlands Oaken-North
Comar gyr Mirand Expired Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Cynwrig ap Llywelyn Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Diglach Mac Cein Warranted Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Dimitrii Sylvestrov Expired Mugmort Oaken-North
Dougal MacWillis Warranted Falcons Quarry Oaken-North
Edmund of Hertford Warranted Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Elayn von Koeningsburg Expired Cleftlands Oaken-North
Elizabeth Ely Warranted Tyrnnewydd Oaken-North
Estan hasan Bin Ustad al Hajjii Warranted Oaken-North
Farthegn Rinkson Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Frederich Holstein der Tollhase Expired Three Towers Oaken-North
Gebhard Warranted Oaken-North
Giles fitz Alan Warranted Three Towers Oaken-North
Goldentear Warranted Oaken-North
Guido Martini Warranted Sternfeld Oaken-North
John of Three Towers Expired Three Towers Oaken-North
Karl Ulfson Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Leopold Eber von Luthringen Expired Oaken-North
Lisa de Rosa Expired Tyrnnewydd Oaken-North
Lleng Craidd Warranted Red Spears Oaken-North
Maaicke von Zonten Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Nial the Wanderer of Bork Warranted Oaken-North
Nikolai Grigorevich Petrov Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Raffaele Da Cernia Warranted Oaken-North
Ronan mac Eoganain Warranted Red Spears Oaken-North
Sabine de Rouen Warranted Flaming Gryphon Oaken-North
Serena Kimbalwyke Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Susan Expired Flaming Gryphon Oaken-North
Villeam Ingelrie Warranted Oaken-North
?(Jolene Stracuzzi) Warranted Oaken-South
Aette of the Flame Warranted Oaken-South
Alexander Kyppyn Kirkcaldy Warranted Flaming Griffon Oaken-South
Ann Langley Warranted Mugmort Oaken-South
Anne Richolieu Expired Flame Oaken-South
Arite Warranted Oaken-South
Belle of Flaming Gryphon Warranted Winged Hills Oaken-South
Brighid Mac Cumhal Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Caedmon Wilson Warranted Unicorn Oaken-South
Cellach Mac Chormach Warranted Alderford Oaken-South
Christophe van der Ross Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Domingo Ramirez Expired Flame Oaken-South
Duncan MacAlpin Warranted Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Elspeth Morganna MacGregor Warranted Oaken-South
Finn Herjolfsson Expired Fenix Oaken-South
Isbella Sharman called Sharilla Warranted Winged Hills Oaken-South
Jaime of Flame Warranted Flame Oaken-South
Joan Darcy Warranted Oaken-South
Kelwyn Wynterbourne Warranted Aurea Ripae Oaken-South
Randolph Lee Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Richard Grylion Warranted Winged Hills Oaken-South
Sabine (Martines) Warranted Oaken-South
Sven (Swanson) Warranted Oaken-South
Uadahlrich von Sassmannshausen Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Ullr Amaranthson Warranted Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Vorlin o'r Gwig Warranted Mugmort Oaken-South
William of Fairhaven Warranted Winged Hills Oaken-South
?(Timothy R. Lane) Warranted Pentamere
A'kos of Roaring Wastes (called Braile) Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Aelfwine Pyttel Warranted Rimsholt Pentamere
Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Alexander Blackram Warranted Rimsholt Pentamere
Ali Al-Ahmed Abdallah Expired Roaring Waste Pentamere
Amanita Villarosa Warranted Rimsholt Pentamere
Amber DeFuerente Warranted Dun Traigh Pentamere
Angus Robertson Warranted Pentamere
Antoinette Martell Warranted Northwoods Pentamere
Berhtolf Warinhar Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Blaise von Bremen Expired Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Bouchard De Bec Warranted Pentamere
Brannos O'Irongardail Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Briana au Cluin Warranted Silver Swords Pentamere
Calador Quinacane Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Collette de Valois Warranted Rimsholt Pentamere
Dag Thorgrimsson Warranted Cynnabar Pentamere
Dianimh Ban Warranted Pentamere
Donnchad Cameron MacRonain Warranted Pentamere
Drogo Greydere Warranted Pentamere
Earlson Rahl de Dood Warranted Pentamere
Eginolf von Basel Warranted Talonval Pentamere
Eliahu ben Itzhak Warranted Cynnabar Pentamere
Galen the Mad Expired Pentamere
Garth of the Crags Warranted Rimsholt Pentamere
Gryffet Thorne Warranted Pentamere
Hrolfr Sveinsson Warranted Andelcrag Pentamere
Jean Le Bref Warranted Pentamere
Jocelyn le Jongleur Warranted Pentamere
Johnna Eastland Warranted Cynnabar Pentamere
Kata Aragunnrsdottir Warranted Vannspring Pentamere
Kathryne Sommerfeldt Warranted Three Walls Pentamere
Leoric Von Eisenberg Warranted Pentamere
Logan MacCoinnich Warranted Three Hills Pentamere
Lucien Featherstone Warranted Northwoods Pentamere
Maeve the Everchanging Expired Silver Swords Pentamere
Martin of Scheltema Warranted Fasach Mor Pentamere
Maximilian der Zauber Warranted Fasach Mor Pentamere
Michael McCay Warranted Pentamere
Michaela Isabella Botticelli Warranted Fasach Mor Pentamere
Mieczko the Swift of Jaroslaw Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Morgan End Starre Warranted Pentamere
Niall Milscothach Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Nyilas Kazmer Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Padraig mac Raighne Warranted Northwoods Pentamere
Pateley Bridges Warranted Pentamere
Petra von Eisenberg Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Ranthulfo Asparlundo Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Raymond d'Anjou Warranted Starleaf Gate Pentamere
Reginald d'Argoogle Warranted Silver Swords Pentamere
Rhys ab Idwal Warranted Rimsholt Pentamere
Rijckaert Vanutrecht Warranted Pentamere
Schwartz Wilhelm von Eisenberg Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Sigmund der Schwartz von Wolfhalden Expired Starleaf Gate Pentamere
Straum von Bairzog Warranted Cynnabar Pentamere
Sulla Alterius Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Tarquin the Red Jarl Ritter Warranted Altenberg Pentamere
Terryl MacAodhagain Warranted Pentamere
Timothy Garaghcan O'Leitrim Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Trelogin Tavistock Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Valac DuBois Expired Pentamere
William Edwards Warranted Silver Swords Pentamere
William Kilmaro Warranted Pentamere

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