Midlands Marshal Quarterly Report

This report is for:
First Quarter - December 1 to February 28 (Due March 1)
Second Quarter - March 1 to May 31 (Due June 1)
Third Quarter - June 1 to August 31 (Due September 1)
Fourth Quarter - September 1 to November 30 (Due December 1)

Contact Info:

      Group Name: 
    Group Status:  Proto-incipient  Incipient  Full Status
Group Location: SCA Name: Legal Name: Street Address: City, State, Zip: Phone: Email Address: Warrant Status: Warranted MIT Warrant Type: Group Knight Marshal Marshal of the Field

I am part of the following Barony (sends a copy to your Baronial Marshal):
Carraig Ban
Shattered Crystal

New and Incipient groups must include a complete Roster of Participants with all Quarterly and Domesday reports.

All Group Marshals must include a complete Roster of Participants with each Domesday Report. Changes to the roster should be reported with each Quarterly Report.

All Domesday Reports and all Quarterly Reports containing changes to the roster should also be sent to the Kingdom/Principality Clerk of the Roster, as applicable.

I. STATUS (Section I for Group Marshals only)

Number of authorized participants:

Change since last quarter:

If Domesday, also attach roster. If quarterly, but changes have occurred, note changes in Comments section.

Practices are considered to be official events. GMIT's are allowed to officially run practices, if the have a GMIT warrant. All participants are required to sign a roster waiver. Roster Waivers are sent directly to the Member Services Office of the SCA, Inc. Retaining local copies is unnecessary.

We hold practice (ie, weekly, monthly, none):

The group hosted the following events this quarter:

II. EXPERIMENTS - Observations on Experimental Equipment and Forms, if applicable:


A. Significant Injuries:

B. Unusual Equipment Failures:

C. Sanctions: