Baron Wars XVII
Armored Combat




Osis Memorial Torchlight Tourney - Armor inspections at Dusk - Tourney starts shortly after dark Friday night (Round Robin or Pool Tourney depending on the number of fighters)


Marshal's Point opens 9:30am
Champions Grand Melee 11:45am - 12:00 noon
Warlord Tourney begins at 12:00 noon with melees to follow: Fields, Bridges, and Rez (Town or Wall)
Baron Wars has CANDIED BACON!

Now that I have your attention, Baron Wars will be hosting a slightly different melee this year. It seems the cow and camels have stayed in their pastures and only a few horrible orange barrels have wandered across the border. So we have decided to try something different this year.

We will be hosting a Baronial and Household Warlord Tourney! With Candied Bacon as the prizes.

Each Baronial or Household Unit participating will sign up at the Marshall's table with the number of fighters in their unit. Minimum size will be 5 people. It is highly encouraged to wear your unit's colors. What if you don't have a unit? Well, build one on the spot, I am sure there will be several people looking to form a unit or join up with a larger one.
Each Barony or Household will also nominate one person to be their champion.

As it is traditional for Baron Wars to start with a champion's fight, each Barony or Household unit will nominate a champion. These champions will start the day off by participating in a Grand Melee, where the winner (last man standing) will get 1 lb of CANDIED BACON. Crowd cheering is highly encouraged. If your champion wins and he or she heard you cheering for him, he may share his or her bacon with you. Or not.

The Warlord Tourney will be straight field battles.
The Warlord Tourney will be seeded by unit size.

We will start off with the small groups fighting each other rounded off to the nearest 5. (5-7), (8-12), (13-17), etc etc
As the groups get bigger, we will start seeding in the larger units to fight. This way a small unit of 5 fighters doesn't have to face a giant army (like Darkyard) right off the bat. They have a chance to build up their army to that size (assuming they win).
If there is an odd number of units of a particular size category we will either pit one of them against the next largest unit, or have the next largest unit sit the requisite number of fighters to bring them down to size with that unit, depending on what seems appropriate at the time.
We will be calling out the pairings and starting the bouts as quickly as we can to keep the tourney moving.
Once we are down to two armies, they will fight for the final prize (4 lbs of CANDIED BACON!).
These two armies will then face each other for the rest of the day (adjustments will be made by the marshal's to balance things out as needed).

Raffaele, Baron Red Spears

Youth Combat

MiC: Ronan mac Eoganain (MKA Eric Crimmins)
Any assistance from other youth marshals throughout the day would be greatly appreciated.
Unfortunately any loaner gear will be extremely limited.


10:00am - 11:30am Pick-ups and Authorizations
11:30am - 12:30pm Break for lunch
12:30pm - 2:00pm Melees and pick-ups
The list will close at 2:00pm