Baron Wars XVI
Arts and Sciences

The A&S Coordinator for this year is Wulfwyn of Hastings (Alicia Schwartz) email: schwartz {dot} alicia {at} gmail {dot} com. Please contact her if you have any questions about A&S activities at Baron Wars this year.

The Infamous Bean Count Competition

We will once again have a bean count A&S competition on Saturday with the winner taking home a set of feast gear made and donated by Mistress Helewyse! (Thank You Helewyse!)
So...bring out your best project, documented or not, for everyone to Ooo! and Ahh! over. Also be sure to encourage people to swing by and see all the pretty, fun, and impressive projects on display and vote for your favorite!


We are pleased and sad to announce that we are full up on classroom space this year!
Thanks so much for everyone who will be teaching at Baron Wars this year!
(An updated schedule will be coming this evening - 6/19/13)

Class Schedule

Time A&S 1 A&S 2 Archery Range A&S Competition
10am Beginning Card Weaving
Range Etiquette and Procedures Submissions
11am Grooming Medieval Style Informal Bobbin Lace 1-on-1
12pm Intro to the History of Herbalism

1pm Medieval Active Games

2pm Medieval Dance Kumihimo Demo/Informal Class

3pm Medieval Dance Cont.



Competition ends

Class Descriptions

Beginning Card Weaving, A&S #1, 10am-11am
Lady Christianna Weaver
Take a kit home for $3, Limit 6

Informal Bobbin Lace 1-on-1, A&S #2, 11am-2pm
THL Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli

Grooming Medieval Style, A&S #1, 11am-12pm
Donna Heodez Sofonisba de Talento Minotto
Want to enhance your SCA experience? This hour long class can get you started on the road to making your own grooming preparations. Here you can try a 12th century hair powder, a 9th century tooth scrub, and a 16th century mouthwash. Recipes and some hands on preparation are included.

A Brief Introduction to the History of Herbalism, A&S #1, 12pm-1pm
Lady Ketta
A very brief introduction to what herbalism is, is not, how it progressed through the middle ages, and it's contributions to modern medicine. Suggestions for further reading and persons who provided contributions to the progression of herbalism.

Medieval active games, Meeting in A&S #1, then moving to open space, 1pm-?
THL Elizabethe Alles
Come and play period games. If you can play tag, you can play these games. Wear garb you don't mind getting sweaty or dirty and shoes that you can run in. Bring water to drink. Class is appropriate for all ages (youth under age 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult).

Medieval Dance, A&S #1, 2pm-4pm
THL Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli
Dances taught and class duration will be determined by how many students are in attendance.

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