Baron Wars XVII
Merchant FAQ


Merchant List

A full list of this years merchants and their wares can be found HERE.

How do I contact the merchant coordinator?

Email is the preferred medium. Drop and email to Abby Schwartz/ Avigayl bat Avraham, please put Baron Wars merchant in the subject line so I don’t delete your email as spam. If you want to talk to a person my number is (419) 266-6454.

What is the limit on merchants?
It serves no-one to have 8 identical merchants so we try to keep the merchant list varied. As a rule though no-one is turned away.

Where are merchants located?

Outside of the fort close to the fighting field, troll and parking

Will merchant locations be reserved?

Only in cases of physical need, i.e. disability. In those cases we will reserve and mark a spot for your tent which is convenient for loading/unloading and/or bathroom facilities.

How will the merchant area be organized?

As in previous years painted lanes will be used to mark lanes for pedestrian traffic. When you arrive please pick a position which is either on a corner, or right next to a merchant who is already set up. Merchant sites are available on a first come first serve basis.

Will you be available to help direct incoming merchants?

I will be on site, however I will not be in the merchant’s area at all times. Others will help as is necessary

When can I arrive on site?

Troll opens at 2pm on Friday the 20th of June. Merchants are welcome to arrive from noon on Friday. Please do not arrive on Thursday or earlier on Friday morning, we will not be ready for you.

Do I have to pre-register?

No, but we’d like to know you are coming, email If you want to pre-reg for site fee check the baron wars website.

How much is it to merchant?

In addition to troll we charge a $10 fee for merchants, this money is then used to buy prizes for the many competitions at Baron Wars. We buy many of our prizes in the merchant area itself.

Can I dig a fire pit in the merchant area?

No, but you can use an above ground fire pit. Please have an extinguisher or bucket of water next to any fires.

Can I drive right up to my merchant area to unload?

Maybe, the event is in Ohio in June. At this site in previous years we have had soft ground in certain places (especially towards the fort). When the ground is very soft we may find it necessary to restrict the areas that traffic is allowed to be driven. In those circumstances you may have to park at some distance from your site and carry your wares to that location. This is done so that we minimize damage to the grass and property. Please be ready for this eventuality. Note that with moving the event to June we find the ground much dryer and the past couple of years it has been no problem to drive up directly to merchant site to unload.

Will there be people available to help me unload/setup?

No. This is a very large event and requires a lot of setup. We have a small number of staff members working. You MAY be able to persuade someone to help you set up but we cannot and do not guarantee you any assistance, please plan accordingly.

Is there fresh water on site?

Yes, city water is available in several locations.

Is food available on site?

We currently have two food vendors: The Boy Scouts, and Vito's Pizza and the lemonade guys scheduled to be at Baron Wars. Also, there are many restaurants close to the area.

How secure is the site?

While we make every effort to secure the site against intrusion it is very close to major subdivisions. As such it is not unusual to find local teenagers wandering around. If you have problems please contact a member of staff with a radio and let us know.

Can I drink?

Fort Meigs is a State Park. Alcohol is not allowed in State Parks. This means that no open and obvious containers of alcohol are allowed anywhere. Keep the bottles in a tent, in a cooler and out of site. Put it in a mug. Keep the empties in a bag out of sight until Sunday.

Can I drum in the merchant area?

No, the merchant area is located outside the fort and is close to houses. Therefore it is designated as a quiet area. No loud drumming or parties. If you want to drum please go inside the fort to the loud bardic fire.

How clean should I leave the site?

As clean as you can, please be considerate with your trash. Troll has extra trash bags if you need them. When you are getting ready to leave please police your area and help us clean the site up. We have a reputation as being the most tidy group of all those to use the Fort, lets keep it that way. Please deposit your trash in the big dumpster located at the exit of the Fort on your way out.

Are there local hotels?

Indeed there are lots of hotels within a 30 mile radius of the park. These can be found using a search engine such as travelocity. The address of Fort Meigs is 29100 West River Road, Perrysburg, OH 43552.

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