This Year's Merchants


Annikas Dungeon
Selling chainmaille jewelry, and some leather goods.

Bent Tree Design
Bent Tree Design offers the finest all-natural henna body art, which lasts 1-3 weeks before fading away, in styles ranging from Classical-era simple patterns right up to modern fusion and contemporary pieces. All of our henna is ALWAYS 100% natural, personally-made, and NEVER includes any so-called black henna. Come enjoy this traditional form of body decoration that stretches back millennia!

Black Swan Inn
Tablewares, jewelley, books, neat medieval items,baskets. Everything is modestly priced.

Caitlin's Cloaks
Merchant offers wonderful cloaks, garb and assorted other items.

Celtic Rose Perfumery
Provides custom mixing of natural oil-based perfumes originating from thirty-eight countries. Also carries scent-connected fancy bottles and jewellery.

Calontir Trim
Wide selection of awesome trim, and pre cut armor plates.

Celtic Wolf
Custom made damascus steel knives, hand cast, bronze and silver jewelry sundials, carved jade jewelry and wooden mugs.

Costume ladies
Fabric by-the-yard, belt and drawstring bags, and bottles decorated with beads.

Crosstime traders
Garb basics (men's and lady's shirts, cloaks, waist cinchers, jerkins, wrap pants, dew-rag hats, muffin caps, snoods, etc.) jewelry 9knit wire and chain maille) hand-turned wooden items (wands, hairsticks,bodhran tippers, mugs, etc.), hand-spun yarn and needle-felted items, hand-painted artworks and cards.

Dixons Family Big Cup
Fresh Lemonade Stand

Domenicas Fine Fashions
Custom Medieval, Renaissance, and Belly Dance Clothing and Accessories

Egg Armor
Incredible and incredibly popular Kydex armor for both male and female fighters.

Fantasy Engravings"
Custom engraved rings in runes and elven (suggestions: your house hold, your allegiance, your mate and anniversary, border pass for entry in to another land or house hold).

Field of Honour Armor
Maker of Chain maile armor, Waxed leather brigandine armor, waxed leather water bottles, handmade books, Heavy duty belt pouches, suede shoulder sacks, belts, and assorted other Leather items.

Gathered Art Gallery and Studios
Feast your eyes! From simple cups, mugs,and pitchers to ornate drinking horns all locally made of beautifully colored and crystal clear blown glass.

Green Mountain Leathercraft
Leather belts, pouches,quivers,shoulder bags,cup hangers,flasks,and other accessories, beads including; glass,semi-precious stone,sterling silver,amber,and freshwater pearls, jewelry, including; rings,necklaces,earrings,and misc.

House of Chaos Productions
Are you a bead addict? We have your fix, as well as period clasps and stringing materials. Making your own pretties too much work? We have a selection of hand-made jewelry that will look as good on you at your Monday business meeting as it did in court on Saturday night. Custom pieces can usually be created on site. Have a well loved piece of jewelry with a broken clasp or string? We offer basic restringing services for a modest fee.

Keystone Clay and Bead
Handmade jewelry by local artist in ceramic, glass, and metal. Viking treasure necklaces, ceramic amulets, earrings, and much more in a wide variety of styles.

MacFarlane Bows, Swords and Accessories, LLC
We sell replica swords, knives, daggers, axes, flails(morningstars), maces, spontoon, 16 gauge SCA legal helms, leather pouches, velvet pouches, talisman, crosses, bows and quivers.

Mostly maille
Handmade chainmaille and viking knit jewelry and accessories

Munitions Grade Arms
Rattan, Spear shafts, siloflex equivalent for armored combat and combat arrows.

Otto's Armoury
Otto's Armoury makes basic heavy combat armour such as helms, gorgets, basket hilts, shield baskets, elbows, spaulders, etc. generally in the lower price range. Karen's SCA Garb makes simple SCA garb such as tunics, cloaks, dresses, gambesons and arming caps for heavy fighting.

Paternoster Ladies
Beautiful one-of-a-kind medieval paternosters are the must-have accessory for your persona. Constructed from materials available in-period. A variety of handcrafted jewelry also available. Custom orders available for order and pick-up, email us at Cash and carry please! We accept credit cards and paypal on our website. (

Roma Wear

Sands of Thyme
A truly amazing selection of premium teas, unique and fresh herbs and spices from around the world, essential oils, raw honey and much much more. A merchant you MUST check out.

Smoke and Fire Co.
Historical Clothing, Patterns and Books. Wooden Feast gear, lanterns, pewterware, leather goods,kilts and scottish brooches.

The Not So Ugly Duckling
Beaded jewelry, paternosters, and other accessories inspired by medieval and renaissance art and artifacts.

Viking Archery Supply
Custom made Arrows, Crossbow Bolts, Bowstrings, Quivers and Pouches. Used Bows and Cross Bows, new Horse bows.

The Woven Word
Handwoven items shawls and hoods, inkle belts and trim

Wandering Wood Products
Carved and decorated wooden items with a medieval theme.

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