Baron Wars XVII
Rapier Schedule


Order of events:

Friday Night:

  1. Rapier Tent - Open Liste & Authorizations: 6:00 - Dark (provide your own marshals)
  2. Rapier Tent - Dark:30 - 3 AM: Rapier Party


  1. Authorizations: 9 AM - 10 AM if marshals are available
  2. War Practice: 10 AM - 12 AM
  3. Lunch Break: 12 PM - 1 PM
  4. Five man "Bacon on the Mounds" - at the Bear Pit
  5. Yoseph's Poker Tourney - come out to see what craziness we deal out
  6. The Captain's Boarding Action
  7. Open sparring also occurring 3:30 - 4:30, Rapier Tent - if marshals are available.
  8. Rapier Tent Lists close: 4:30 PM
  9. Field lists close: 5:00
  10. Court: 5:30 PM, in the Rapier tent.
  11. Dark:30 - ? AM: Rapier Party Part II!

a. Rapier Sparring and authorizations - Rapier Tent
b. Duels - Rapier Tent, Rapier melee field, any quiet, retiring place within the Fort: Be safe and considerate and ensure a Marshal is present when dueling.

A Gangplank bear-pit - This be the boarding action, harrr!
  • Bear-pit style; retain all wounds
  • Weapons dropped off the plank are in the water (lost).
  • Please be courteous and center up on the plank for each new opponent.
  • One kill equals 1 point, tallied at the end of the time limit.
  • If you fall off the plank (gain any support from non-plank ground) you're in the drink (dead). Point for opponent.
  • You may sit cross-legged on the plank.
  • If you get forced off your end of the plank (any part of your foot goes off the end): you are dead, only then may your 'friends' attack your opponent. If you're among the 'friends' standing at the end and the person on the plank kills you, it counts. If the 'friends' take out the plank-man; no point for any of them, s/he's just dead.
  • Be careful, if you stick (DFB) your 'friend' in front of you on the plank, they're dead - no point for anyone..but then he/she may be behind YOU.somewhere.

Dark:30 - ? AM: Saturday Night Rapier Party! - Same as before, but with more stories from the day's fighting!

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