Baron Wars XVII

Site Rules


1) Above ground fire pits only please, the only allowed in ground firepit is the one we dig.

2) Loud camping/partying is limited to the river and museum sides of the fort only (those away from housing).  We reserve the right to shut you down if you are loud in the wrong area.

3) Quiet and ultra quiet camping are located next to housing, including outside the fort behind merchants, please make sure that if you want a quiet nights sleep you locate your tent in the correct area.

4) This site is a state park, we have to undo everything that we do to it.  Please be considerate and bag your trash and take it to the trash drop off (by the exit) on your way out.  Extra trash bags are available at info point. We have a reputation as being the most tidy group of all those to use the Fort, lets keep it that way.

5) Reserved camping, if your friends get there and reserve enough space for your camp that is great.  We cannot do it for you, there is just not enough of us.

6) Traffic regulations - the fort is one way for a good reason, it tears up the grass less, please help us avoid damage to the grass by obeying staff members as they direct you around the fort.  No cars may remain parked in the fort except for the two emergency vehicles belonging to the autocrats.

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