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Date: Mon 19 May 2003 09:27:30 AM EDT
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Thank you for the kind words. Our first experiences with the SCA were less
than congenial on many levels. We persisted because we really wanted to do
this as our hobby. Because of our initial experience, we decided to make it
our personal mission to put forth our best effort in making people feel at
home and welcome when playing at an event we are working at or attending.
Truthfully, patches and favors don't make people feel singled out, of place
and uncomfortable - people make newcomers feel that way, most of the time
without even realizing it. We're pretty proud of the fact that Iron Oak has
doubled in size in less than two years. An average of 40 gentles attend our
monthly revels. We will have approximately 60 attending Border War and about
50 at Pennsic this year. Not bad for an incipient canton,eh?
Genevieve of Ravenhall

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> > Personally, if I were a new person, I wouldn't like
> >it. Nothing like getting LABELED to make you feel
> >awkward, out of place and without a chance in hell of
> >fitting in.
> I might counter with, "Nothing like being turned loose
> in a room full of people dressed funny, doing a bunch
> of stuff you've never seen before, for reasons you
> have no idea of to make you feel awkward, out of place
> and without a chance in hell of fitting in."
> Face it - we all label everyone pretty much all the
> time: "Baroness", "fighter", "novice".... It's an
> endless list. And we react to people based on those
> labels - we give water to "thirsty fighter". We bow
> to "reigning monarch". We ought to be kind enough to
> explain what the heck is going on to "novice".
> Unfortunately, while "reigning monarch" is kind enough
> to wear a crown, and "thirsty fighter" has put on
> armour and gotten sweaty, "novice" has a tendency to
> come to the event disguised as "some guy". It's hard
> to know what to do with "some guy" so we generally
> acknowledge his existence by not walking into him and
> that's about it.
> Sure, there is a potential to do such a thing in a ham
> fisted way, but that doesn't make the root idea a bad
> one. Personally, I think the method described earlier
> - a welcome token from the group - was brilliant.
> Avery
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