[The dates given in the following list are the dates the office assumed office. The Curia Regis-- royal advisers--consists of the Great Lords of State.]


[The first seneschal of the Middle Kingdom was not present at the first tournament and was, in fact, appointed by the Board of Directors. She apparently never showed up to any Society events, and her effects on the Middle Kingdom were negligible]

Dragon Herald

[The first herald of the Kingdom was not present at the first tournament either, although he was called by the new Kingdom to be offered the job. Bran assumed the appellation "Dragon Herald" and was surprised when the Board of Directors later adapted the title for the office]

Earl Marshal Treasurer/Chancellor of the Exchequer

[Although Diana Alene handled the treasury of the early Kingdom, she is generally accorded the position of first Treegirtsea Treasurer]

Minister of Arts Minister of Sciences As of May 1995, the offices of MoA and MoS were combined into one MoAS office.

Minister of Arts & Sciences

Chirurgeon Chronicler

[The first _Pale_ was published in an all-Kingdom newsletter and was apparently edited by someone from the West. Thorvald, who edited the North Woods newsletter, _The Holmgang_, was made the first MidRealm chronicler. His _Pale_ was ditto-reproduced; but his last issue--which was actually prepared by his successor, Caellyn--was in the standard 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 photo-reproduced format that we have come to associate with _The Pale_. In 1996, Heirusalem split the office so that the Chronicler was responsible for the administrative portion of the office and _The Pale_ would be produced by the Editor in Chief, a deputy.]

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Taken from Folo's The Book of Lists.
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