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Middle Kingdom Great Book

Book Chest


Box Construction:
Baron Septentria Master Aedan o Kincora
Copyright: Malcolm Jenne

Box Embellishment:
Baroness Septentria Mistress Caffa Muiriath
Copyright: Kathy Jenne

Locking mechanism:
Master Einar Lutemaker
Copyright: Ellen Kuhfeld






The heavy duty wooden box was a major artwork in itself. It is bound in very solid wrought iron straps and is latched with a sliding key type Viking period lock. The key inserts and turns, but it must then slide sideways to pull the bolt from the eye. The dragons resemble those on the leather case.


Fabric lining:
Lord John of Calador
Copyright: John Wagner


Embroidered wrapping cloth:

Mistress Meriel de Blackwoode
Copyright: Jeri Matteson-Hughes

Mistress Greya Ankayrlyn
Copyright: Marjean Schaefer

Lady Liusaidh MacLeoid
Copyright: Bambi Robinson


The inside of the box is lined with a lavish hand woven fabric. The Great Book itself is wrapped in a dark blue cloth magnificently embroidered and appliqued with the arms of the Middle kingdom surrounded by badges of the award/orders: The Dragon's Heart, The Dragon's Tooth, The Silver Oak, The Queen's Favor (aka Doe's Grace), The Purple fret, and The Willow.





 Table of Contents


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