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This page was created almost exactly 20 years after the creation of the Middle Kingdom's treasure known as the Great Book. The Great book was one of the first, if not the very first, large, completely hand made collaborative books made in the SCA. It contains Middle Kingdom ceremonies, lists of Peerage members, maps, and some of the most splendid works of calligraphy and illumination being practiced in the SCA at the time. But the collective work doesn't stop there. The MK Great Book was masterfully bound, and amazing works of three dimensional art were created to contain it.

This web presentation is offered because we in the Middle Kingdom wish to share a look at what we have wrought for the enjoyment and inspiration of our fellow SCA members and any other interested lovers of great art. Now, these many years later, the MK Great Book not only stands as a monument to the skills of its creators, but also becomes a portal through time in which we can take a look back at what the SCA was like in the years 1985 and 1986.



This web site is copyright 2006 to the SCA, Middle Kingdom and is offered for non-profit viewing and research. The individual art works displayed herein are used with permission of the artists. All of those art works are Copyright the artists who made them. You do NOT have permission to copy them in any way. Violation of that copyright will be enforced. For permission to reproduce any works from the MK Great Book, please contact the Middle Kingdom Pursuivant (aka Dragon Herald) from the web site www.Midrealm.org and obtain the proper contact information for the specific image.


This web site is under construction. Please check back later when we have added better graphics, as well as more stories about the book from the people who conceived it and made it.

Master Ranthulfr Asparlundr, January, 2006

Middle Kingdom Great Book
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