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Welcome to the Middle Kingdom Guild of Withie and Woolmongers' Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to allow all guild members to participate in A&S projects of their choice.

Part 1 Rose Pouch Project

Part 2 Middle Kingdom Color Project

Part 3 Veggie Lamb Project

Register for one or all three projects-keep us posted on your progress but most of all

If you have questions, contact E'BAGVxPJL'A'lC~UxW'CDG<wCS Lucia Thaylur.

Guild Challenge Part1
Rose Pouch

The goal of this project is to provide Middle Kingdom with a set of Rose Pouches which could be used as gifts for the Queens Tea, Pennsic 2010.
Part 1 of the challenge is intended for artisans who have attained a medium to high level of competency in their chosen field of study.
You must be a guild member to participate.
The rose design is a simple 4.25” five petal Tudor Rose on a 6x8” pouch. Each artisan may choose their style of embroidery technique and methods of application but will be asked to submit documentation to support your choices.
Many Tudor rose designs show two layers of petals and if your supporting documentation shows two layers, feel free to add an additional layer.
Please ask for help prior to starting your project if you can’t find sources to support your decision. Please keep your choice of materials within the scope of the time frame which supports your style. Silk, wool, linen and velveteen are good choices for the pouch. Please do not use modern synthetics for your actual pouch. Period threads include silk, linen and wool-please do not use DMC cotton or rayon. Jap thread and other imitations metal threads are acceptable. You may choose to decorate both sides of your pouch. If you choose to do both sides please keep the design and materials consistent with the rose.

Deadlines-every project must have at least one-ours will have three.
Dec 08, August 09, and April 2010.

All we’re looking for in Dec 08 is reasonable progress-if you’ve completed yours and it’s turned in you may sign up for another if they haven’t all been claimed.
By August ’09 the pouch must be completed and turned in. Any not turned in at this point may be reassigned.
If you accept a reassignment the final turn in date will be April 2010.

Guild Challenge Part2
Middle Kingdom Color Project

Open to all guild members. This aspect of the challenge is intended to get guild members motivated to do a period project of their choice.
This project has very few guidelines - all you need to provide is minimal documentation for technique and project orientation. Participants may choose to display only, donate their item to the Kingdom Coffers or trade with fellow artisans.
Project deadline is early Spring'09.

Guild Challenge Part3
Make a Veggie Lamb (sheep)

This aspect of the challenge is to provide artisans an opportunity to make and display a veggie lamb of their choosing. Pure silliness or More Period than Thou....handspun crochet on a 3 D sheep-go for it? Needle punch a sheep on a girdle book- why not? This is a rare opportunity to display pure creativity .....Project deadline will be early Spring '09. Open to all guild members The scope of part 3 guild challenge is pure creativity. Make a sheep-3D or flat- representing veggie lamb and using materials of your choice. Nothing has to be documented. Want to crochet veggie lamb out of polyester yarn? GO FOR IT! Open to all guild members-no previous experience required. Please keep in mind we are a family oriented organization You may choose to keep your sheep or trade with another artisan.
Deadline will be at whatever event is willing to host part 2 of the challenge - think early Spring ’09.

Permission to Publish

Participation in the Guild project is granting nonexclusive "Permission to Publish" photos of contributions and the SCA name of the artisan on the Guild website.
This page will be updated with photos of the items as they come in.


Challenge 1 projects

Challenge 2 projects

Beaded Circlets
THL Cassandra of Glastonbury

Challenge 3 projects

Copper Wire-wrap pendant
THL Cassandra of Glastonbury

Knitted and felted handspun Alpaca
THL Lucia Thaylur

Wool laid couch work
THL Lucia Thaylur

Silk embroidery on silk
THL Lucia Thaylur

Embroidered Pouch
Lady Caelfind ingen Failtigerna