Author Title Publisher ISBN/ISSN # Owned by
Altherr, IlseReversible Blackworkself published THL Lucia Thaylur
step by step instructions
Amor, ShelaghCrewel Embroidery A Practical GuideSally Milner Publishing, AustraliaISBN 1-86351-298-5THL Lucia Thaylur
17th-20thc. very clear photo's - STEP BY STEP instructions
Barnette, LesleyBlackworkSearch Press0-85532-806-1Donya Elvira Pedrosa
Blackwork Embroidery
Beck, ThomasinaThe Embroiderer's Stroy-Needlework from the Renaissance to the Present DayDavid and CharlesISBN 0 7153 0962 5THL Lucia Thaylur
referance, inspiration
Bush, Mary Polityka Pattern-Darning Table Runner Piecework Magazine   THL Cassandra of Glastonbury
Carola Forg Traditional Motifs for Needlework and Knitting Lark Books, Asheville, North Carolina 0-937274-65-8 Desdemona de'Machaut
250 Original Linen emroidery paterns dating back to the 15th, 16th and 17th originatied in Germany, France,Italy, Spain, England, Russia, and Roumania
Clark, DorothyExploring Elizabethan EmbroideryGeorgeson Publishing, LtdISBN 0 473 03634 7THL Lucia Thaylur
diagrams and photo's -good how to but mostly modern projects and stitches
Day, Brenda Blackwork: A New Approach Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd 1-86108-148-0 Donya Elvira Pedrosa
Blackwork Embroidery
Dean, BerylChurch EmbroideryUniversity Press, CambridgeISBN 0 264-66841-3THL Lucia Thaylur
Fitzwilliam and HandsJacobean EmbroideryB T BatsfordISBN 07134 63767THL Lucia Thaylur
forms and fillings+ Late Tudor
Freeman, MaryThe St. Martin EmbroideriesMetropolitan Museum of ArtLCCC 68-21564THL Lucia Thaylur
photo's not the best quality but very informative
Gall, Poppy Romanian Motifs Piecework Magazine   THL Cassandra of Glastonbury
Geddes, Elisabeth and Moyra McNeil Blackwork Embroidery Dover Publications, Inc. 0-486-23245-X Donya Elvira Pedrosa
Blackwork Embroidery
Geddes, Elizabeth and Moyra McNeillBlackwork EmbroideryDover ISBN 0-486-23245-XTHL Lucia Thaylur
Ginsberg, Madeleine (ed)The Illustrated History of TextilesStudio Editions Ltd., LondonISBN 1 85170 446 9 THL Lucia Thaylur
interesting but photo's not the best quality
Gostelow, Mary Blackwork Dover Publications, Inc. 0-486-40178-2 Donya Elvira Pedrosa
Blackwork Embroidery
Gudjonsson, Elsa E. Traditional Icelandic Embriodery Iceland Review 2   THL Cassandra of Glastonbury
Hawkins, SueCrewel EmbroideryDavid and Charles, UKISBN 07153 10747THL Lucia Thaylur
beautiful photo's - HOW TO
Hinds, Handa M.Church NeedleworkG.J. Palmer & Sons, London THL Lucia Thaylur
Jones, Jeanetta L.Embroidery Weave Workshopself published THL Lucia Thaylur
workshop notes
Keiwe, Heinz E.Charted Peasant Designs from Saxon Translyvania 0-486-23425-8THL Lucia Thaylur
King, LevyThe V&A Museum's Textile Collection Embroidery in Britiain 1200-1750V&A Museum THL Lucia Thaylur
Lemon, JaneMetal Thread Embroidery: Tools, Materials and TechniquesBatsford Ltd., London ISBN 0 7134 8758 5THL Lucia Thaylur
Levey, SantinaAn Elizabethan Inheritance: THe Hardwick Hall TextilesNational TrustISBN 0-7078-0249-0THL Lucia Thaylur
nice color plates,
Lifka, BohumirLa Riqueza del Bordado EclesiaticoSfnix-Praga THL Lucia Thaylur
in spanish but has awesome photographs
Mason, John & E.A Schole-house for the NeedleRJL Smith & AssocISBN 1-872665 72 1THL Lucia Thaylur
repro of 1632 Patterns
Messent, JanThe Bayeau Tapestry Embroiderers' StoryMadeira ThreadsISBN 0951 634852THL Lucia Thaylur
very inspiring-how to section-not reproduction
Met Museum of ArtTextile of Late AntiquityMetropolitan Museum of ArtISBN 0-87099-768-8THL Lucia Thaylur
museum collection, clothing, hats, tapestries
Montagu, BelindaGroup Work in EmbroideryBatsford Ltd. LondonISBN 0-7134-4640-4THL Lucia Thaylur
some historical referances
OrtizResplendence of the Spanish Monarchy:Renaaissance Tapetries & Armor 0-8109-6408-2THL Lucia Thaylur
nice color plates
Priest-Dorman, Carolyn Viking Embroidery Stitches and Motifs Web   THL Cassandra of Glastonbury
Rhodes, MaryThe Batsford Book of Canvas NeedleworkAnchor Press, Gr. BritainISBN 0 7134 2669 1THL Lucia Thaylur
nice examples-good how to
Saunders, SallyRoyal School of Needlework Embroidery TechniquesBrasseys-first US editionISBN 1-57488-269-4THL Lucia Thaylur
great photo's-nice how to
SCA, Complete Anachronist Introduction to Blackwork SCA 31   THL Cassandra of Glastonbury
SCA, Complete Anachronist Stitch Out of Time, A: 14th & 15th Century German Counted thread Embroidery SCA 86   THL Cassandra of Glastonbury
Scoular, Marion Why call it Blackwork? Marion Scoular   Donya Elvira Pedrosa
Blackwork Embroidery
Skinner, Linn Another 100 Blackwork Charts Skinner Sisters   Donya Elvira Pedrosa
Blackwork Embroidery Patterns
Skinner, Linn 100 Blackwork Charts Skinner Sisters   Donya Elvira Pedrosa
Blackwork Embroidery Patterns
Skinner, Linn Blackwork Challenge Sampler: A look at 16th Century Reversible Band Stitching Skinner Sisters   Donya Elvira Pedrosa
Blackwork Embroidery Patterns
Staniland, Kay Medieval Craftsmen EmbroiderersUniv. of Toronto PressISBN 0-8020-6915-0THL Lucia Thaylur
Swift, GayThe Batsford Encyclopedia of Embroidery TechniquesThe Bath Press, LondonISBN 0713467819THL Lucia Thaylur
Vinciolo, F.Renaissance Patterns for Lace, Embroidery & NeedlepointDoverISBN 0-486-22438-4THL Lucia Thaylur
reproductions of c1587 patterns
Wark, Edna Metal Thread Embroidery Kangaroo Press, LTD.ISBN 0 86417 2427THL Lucia Thaylur
uses & types of threads - clear photo's
Wilson, EricaThe Craft of Silk and Gold Embroidery & StumpworkCharles Scribner's SonsISBN 0-684-15067-0THL Lucia Thaylur
great phot's nice how to