Author Title Publisher ISBN/ISSN # Owned by
Ligon, Linda Homespun * Handknit   0-934026-26-2 THL Lucia Thaylur
Hats, socks, mittens, gloves
Lind, Vibeke Knitting in the Nordic Tradition   1-887374-31-0 THL Lucia Thaylur
great drafts, double knitting, no patterns, mostly double knit
Matela, Bobbie. Editor The Ultimate Book of Baby Afghans   0-88195-844-1 THL Lucia Thaylur
fairly basic knit and crochet
Mellor, Zoe 50 baby booties to knit   1-57076-244-4 THL Lucia Thaylur
booties for infants to 9 months
Oberle, Cheryl Folk Shawls   1-883010-59-4 THL Lucia Thaylur
great shawls easy to complex patterns
Oberle, Cheryl Folk Vests   1-931499-14-4 THL Lucia Thaylur
using traditional patterns from different regions author has created original patterns for vests
Prior, Carole Knit Layettes for Little Darlings   #3208 THL Lucia Thaylur
easy layettes
Rowe, Mary Knitted Tams   0-934026-48-3 THL Lucia Thaylur
Easy to complex hat designs
Rutt, Richard A History of Handknitting   1-931499-37-3 THL Lucia Thaylur
history of handknitting, examples from museums, no patterns
Schurch, Charlene Mostly Mittens   1-57990-059-3 THL Lucia Thaylur
traditional knitting patterns from Russia's Komi People
Schurch, Charlene T. Hats On!   0-89272-435-8 THL Lucia Thaylur
Mostly double knitting-original designs
Starmore, Alice The Celtic Collection   1-57076-005-5 THL Lucia Thaylur
great patterns
Stove, Margaret Creating Original Handknitted Lace   0-916896-63-3 THL Lucia Thaylur
working with merino to make hand knitted lace
Weston, Madeline The Traditional Sweater Book   1-871854-03-2 THL Lucia Thaylur
Faire Isle Patterns
York, Janica Lynn Vanna's Afghans All Through the House   0-8487-1602-7 THL Lucia Thaylur
easy patterns
Zilboorg, Ana Magnificent Mittens   0-9646391-3-0 THL Lucia Thaylur
gauntlet style mittens. Neat patterns-easy to complex