This text and illumination was composed by Lady Femke based on four period Guild charters and grants of arms.

The text of the document signed by Their Royal Majesties is as follows:

All Gentlemen and women theise prsent letters hearing or seeing of Brannos, wise and valorous King of these Middle Lands and Rebekah, our cherished Queen take heed. Knowe ye all that on the petition of divers artisans, and on the persuasion and advyce of our ministers do we decree that there shall be a Guild of Withie and Woolmongers. We do confirm our charter to these, our artisans, that they may pursue all the guilds customs and duties, freeley and quietly, fulley and honorably. This we command for the sake of the service which these goodley guildfolke do us. Further do we give our leave that such like artisans as shall come into the Middle Kingdom as shall so desiyre may be of the same guild and shall have the same liberties and customs which our artisans had or ought to have. Wherefore, we wish and firmly command that no one molest nor disturb them, nor take action against their craft except before us. Into witness of which we have written theise prsentes, Sealed with the seale of our Armes and signed with our Signes manuell this eighth day of January, Anno Societas XXXVIIII, in our Barony of Cynnabar.

Last updated: 1/18/2005