Base: app. 5"

Height: app. 3-4"

Girth: app 16"

Equipment you will need:

Dishpan type basin for soaking reed

Large towel





Awl or small flat screwdriver

Pinch type clothespins

Needle nose pliers

Materials: 1/2" flat reed app. 35'

#2 round reed app. 24'

This basket is a totally modern type basket. Materials in period would have been very different. The technique (soaking reed and joining of withies) is basically the same.

It is important to keep all materials pliable while working. Rewet as necessary.


Lay the three marked pieces flat with marked side facing you. Make a large "X" with center marks lined up and lay the third piece horizontally across the X. The pencil marks should form a hexagon. Adjust spokes evenly and hold with a clothespin. Select one spoke to mark with an "x" or "ss" (starting spoke) and mark near the outer edge of the spoke.

Put the last three pieces of cut 16" 1/2 flat to soak.

Gently fold round reed in half (DO NOT CREASE) and adjust so one end is 8-10"s longer than the other. Lay edge of fold against the spoke marked with "ss" so that the fold is on the left and just covers the line. Working toward the right, begin twinning around each spoke. The end that goes under the first spoke will go on top of the second spoke. The end that goes on top of the first spoke goes under the second spoke. Lay the reed so that it covers each pencil mark. Continue for four wrap cycles and end with "ss" spoke covered. Add another spoke by using the 4th piece of 1/2 inch flat, which you initially cut. Twine this new spoke and the next spoke. Add the 5th piece of reed, twine it and the next spoke and then add the 6th spoke. Complete another four rounds as established. Do not cut off the weavers.


Hide the end of the old weaver under three or four of the previous weavers. .Hide the new end the same way. Make sure the new piece is woven securely in place and that you continue to twine in the right direction.

Beginning basket sides:

Bend the next spoke away from you at a right angle to the base. Continue bending and twining around each of the remaining spokes. It will take about 3 rounds to get the sides built. Adjust the spokes so they are evenly spaced.

Measure around the basket and add 2-3" to this measurement. Cut several pieces of 1/2" flat reed to the right length ( around the basket+2-3") . Put these pieces to soak for a few minutes and when they are pliable you can begin weaving.

Building the sides:

Smooth side out for weaver and lay flat against the outside of any spoke just above the twinning. Use a clothespin to hold the beginning weaver and wrap to the inside of the next spoke, outside of the 3rd spoke etc. When you reach the spoke where you started follow the over/under for path for 3 spokes. Align the spokes so they are straight and evenly spaced. Mark the weaver where it will pass behind the center of the next spoke. Cut the weaver off and tuck it behind the spoke. Align the sides and spokes if needed and make sure the weaver is placed tightly against the twinning.

Turn the basket so you are on the OPPOSITE side of where you started last time and proceed as before. Place a new weaver on the outside of a spoke where the last row was under the spoke. Pin in place and proceed. End this weaver as before. Align the sides and spokes if needed and make sure the weaver is placed tightly against the previous row.

With the next weaver begin about 1/2 way between the previous "starting" places and proceed.

Continue weaving until you have 2" of the spokes left showing after the last round.

Soak entire basket for a few minutes to make sure the top of the spokes are wet.


Cut the spokes on the INSIDE level with top edge.

Fold the outside spokes to crease at the top edge.

Trim a little off each side of the spokes so you can tuck them into the weavers on the INSIDE of the basket.

Tuck each spoke into the row of weaving below it. Position so that the spoke goes under a weaver.


Cut two pieces of 1/2 " flat reed, each 3" longer than the inside and the outside of the rim.

Soak these pieces and the longest piece of round reed that you have for a few minutes.

When pliable, place the shorter piece on the inside of the rim with the smooth side facing out and use a clothespin to hold in place. Add other piece to the outside of the rim, positioning so that both overlaps are in the same place on the rim. Use clothespins to hold in place as you move along the rim.

Measure a piece of sea grass about 1/2" longer than the rim of the basket and tuck between the two pieces of 1/2" flat reed you just applied.

Tuck one end of the round reed between the rim of the basket and the 1/2" flat piece, inserting the reed from the bottom. Bring the long end over the rim and begin wrapping one turn between each of the spokes.

Work from left to right and when you reach the starting point, adjust the sears so the ends overlap about 1/4" and cut off excess. Reverse the direction and work back around the basket in the opposite direction. This will form a large X in each section between the spokes. If you have trouble getting the reed between the top row of the basket, and the last row of weavers, use a flat screwdriver or awl to separate a space large enough to insert the reed. When you reach the starting point, tuck the end between the side as before.

Text and Photographs copyright 5/05/04 and remain the property of Susan L.Lefler, known in the SCA as THL Lucia Thaylur. Please do not reproduce without permission.

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