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The Loom

My First project was a belt made with blue, gray and white (4 and 3-ply) wool yarn warped on an Inkle loom. The design was a simple warp-twined geometric. I felt constricted by the short distance I had to work in, so the next project was done on a loom I put together. I clamped 2x4s on both ends of 12-foot 2x4 rails.

long loom

long loom

The project, another belt, used 2-ply wool (gray, blue and orange). I attempted to create a wolf head design using a double-faced weave. This loom was easier to work on, but your Lady may not be as congenial as mine about how much room it takes up. The next loom I used may be the best choice.

The basis of the loom is a cross stitch/needlepoint scroll frame. It can be found at hobby stores or in the hobby or sewing section at department stores. Its rails will be too short, but can be replaced with dowel rod of the length you want. I used 3-foot rods.  Cost was less than $12.