Looped Tablet Weaving

THL Donegal

Having a loop on the end of your narrow ware is handy for belts, garters, apron straps and I am sure other items. This project was a request from my lady for her Viking apron strap to enable attaching a brooch.

I used the frame described in the introduction to my article 'Card weaving 101'. It was modified by drilling a hole in the end bar for a 1/4" peg. This peg will be used in forming the loop.

frameend bar

The design chosen should be symmetrical. The cards are paired from the outside cards towards the center. The same warp threads go through the first and last card, and so on. Notice paired cards will have the same threading except one card will be 'Z' warped and the other will be 'S' warped. Cut your warp twice as long as you want the finished strap.

warp diagram

In this warping, card pairing is 1&10, 2&9, 3&8, 4&7, 5&6.

warp cards topwarp cards front

Place higher numbered card on top of lower numbered card both facing up. Run the warp threads and tie them off, then flip the higher card. Flipping the card has now changed it from 'Z' to 'S' or 'S' to 'Z'. Thereby making the two cards same color and opposite slant warping.

flip cards topflip cards front

cards warped

Slide the two packs to their respective ends and clamp the center with two 1/4" dowels.

loom setup

This enables the weaving of what will be the loop. Depending on how big you want the loop, weave a multiple of 4 picks. I did twelve.

Leave a long tail at start of weaving weft thread. After the loop is as long as you need, undo the dowels the warp ends are tied to. Fold the warp so the cards are in numerical order and loop what has been woven over the peg.

make loopweaving loop

The start and end of what you have woven should be lined up and for the next 4 picks weave both the tail and weft from shuttle. They should criss-cross and this will provide extra strength in the weft where the loop is formed. Continue weaving as normal until the piece is as long as needed.

weave strapweave strap

I divided my cards into two packs. Cards 3 to 8 in one pack rotated 4 forward and then 4 backward, creating my design. Cards 1, 2, 9 and 10 in the other pack rotated in only one direction creating straight, smooth and tight selvage .

closeupfinished straps

straps in use

Last updated: 5/19/2007