Sprang Tutorial - Hair Net

THL Cassandra of Glastonbury

The Casing
Now that your sprang piece is finished, carefully remove the sticks you were using for place holders. Leave 1-2 of the sticks at the top and bottom to help stabilize your work while you finish the casing for the drawstring.

Run your cord for the drawstring through when you remove the dowels.
To make your casing more stable, crochet a twisted chain stitch. Pick up the first two loops with the crochet hook. photo
Then bring the hook back around to pick up the next two loops. Pull the loops through the first two. Work across the row. photo
To hold the last loop, run the cord through it. photo
So far, you have done exactly what you would have done for a pouch. photo

Running the Ties
Leave the top as threaded for the casing. photo
Take your cord and tie a square knot at one end of your sprang. photo
Taking one end of the bottom cord, weave it through the sides of the hair net. Stay close to the edge. photo
Continue until you have reached the top casing. Repeat on the other side. photo
Examples of finished hair nets.

The Yellow is made from tow linen using a diamond pattern. The green is two shades of green tow linen alternating S and Z twists at every 4th row. The silver is synthetic metallic using a large diamond pattern.
photo photo

Last updated: 1/19/2006