Sprang Tutorial

THL Cassandra of Glastonbury

Sprang Frame set up and unwarped. photo
Start warp with a slip knot. photo
photo photo
Finished slip knot. photo
Run the warp in a continuous loop around the dowels. Stop when you have the desired number of warp threads or have run out of room. photo
Create a shed by alternating threads top and bottom across a stick. photo
While creating your shed, align the threads evenly across the dowels and adjust for an even tension. photo
Finished warp. Note the slip knots at the start and finish of the warp. The shed is being held open with a pick up stick. Put two sticks in to hold the shed. Beat them with the beater to the top and bottom of your frame. photo
photo photo
      Weaving Sword or Beater

Twisting the Threads
Start your first row and all odd rows by raising the first back two threads and pushing down one top thread. (2/1) photo
Next, raise one back thread and lower 1 top thread. (1/1). Insert a pick up stick when the threads become too cumbersome to hold in your hands. photo
To close the row, raise one thread and lower two. (1/2). The shorthand for your first row and all odd rows looks like:
Right (2/1)
Center (1/1)
Left (1/2)
Replace pick up stick with beater. photo
Insert stick into the shed made by the beater. Use the beater to push it snugly to the top and bottom of the frame. Note how each row twisted created one on top and one on the bottom. photo
photo photo
Start your first even row and all subsequent even rows by raising one back thread and lowering 1 top thread. (1/1). Finish the even row using (1/1) photo
photo photo
Beat stick into place as shown above. photo
Continue to work odd and even rows until you cannot comfortably get your fingers into the warp.
Always end on an even row.

Closing the Gap
Closing the gap may be done by gathering one or two threads in a chain stitch using either fingers or a crochet hook. photo
photo photo
Knot the end of the crocheted row to the end string. photo
Closing may also be done by needle weaving a row. photo

Last updated: 1/19/2006