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Egyptian Stockings Designs
By THL Lucia Thaylur

The designs of these pouches are based on 12rh. C. Egyptian stockings currently in the collection of the Textile Museum Washington, D.C. For a small fee, the Museum will sell a copy of "Patterned Stockings: Possibly Indian, Found in Egypt" by Museum Curator-Analyst, Louisa Bellinger. The article includes black and white photographs of three mostly intact stockings and three stocking fragments , as well as Bellinger’s graphs for several of the designs.

Ascension # 73.698

Ascension # 73.701

Ascension # 73.720

Ascension # 73.718

Pouch Information:

Yarn: Patons Grace 100% cotton
Needles: size 0000 ( 1.5 mm)
Gauge: app 10 sts. Per inch
Overall size: varies from 4.5"-6" in width and most are app. 6" in height.
Knit in the round using 4 needles and a fifth working needle. Used a three needle bind off.

Works cited:

Bellinger, Louisa. Patterned Stockings: Possibly Indian, Found in Egypt. Paper No. 10 ,Textile Museum, December, 1954.

Last updated: 7/9/2005