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Lady Satine De La Courcel

Bag, Hand sewn, fully lined, Bead embroidered, with glass gold tube beads, and real fresh water pearls, Based on the gold tube "crimp" beads and fresh water pearls, on the flower design from the embroidered cuffs of the silk dalmatic of Roger II of Palermo, Circa 1130-1140

Medieval Embroidererd by Kay Staniland, British Museum Press C. 1991 pg 46

Lady Satine De La Courcel

While looking for the Perfect men's adornment for My Husband to wear with his Henry garb, I browsed through many Books and found the following list of portraits I noticed the men's necklaces and Collars very inspirational.

Here is the documentation references for the pieces that inspired the Chain of Office I made for Seamus

Portrait of Robert Dudley, from Jewelry 7000 years, by Hugh Tait pg 10

Portrait of Henry the VIII c 1542, A visual History of Costume, A 16th Century by Jane Ashelford pg 46

Portrait of Christopher Hatton, A visual History of Costume, A Visual History by Jane Ashelford Pg 100

Portrait of King Charles IX of France, from Pearls A Natural History by Neil Landman Pg 79

Portrait of Henry VII, From Tudor and Jacobean Jewellery by Diana Scarsisbrick pg 8

Picture of Enameled Gold Collar of Christian IV of Denmark, from Tudor and Jacobean Jewellery by Diana Scarisbrick pg 82

Portrait of King Henry II of France, 1547-1559, from Pearls Ornament and Obsession, Kristin Joyce and Shellei Addison pg99

Ornamental chain in gold, enamels, spinels, rubies, emeralds, pearls and diamonds circa 1575, From the Worlds Greatest Treasures edited by Gianni Guadalupi pg 281

Lady Satine De La Courcel

In the fall of 2003, while perusing through several books from my library looking for inspiration for a headpiece for my wedding the following January , one thing kept grabbing my attention. It was the earlier period crowns with all kinds of gem and pearl adornment. I kept coming back to the same pictures in the same books and suddenly I thought I could bead something like that! Out came the beads and supplies the beading had begun. Due to time constraints, I never did get it done in time for my wedding. However as fate had it I was able to finish it and wear it to a friends medieval theme wedding in the fall. and now it sits on the dresser seeing the light of day for the occasional demo as a try on piece for the public.

Instead of using iron, gold, real gems and pearls, due the cost of these items, I chose instead a 2" buckram circle wedding form, Plastic gems and pearls and lined the back with unbleached muslin.


Mosaics depicting Justinian and Theodora pg 68. and the German Imperial Crown also known as Crown of Charlemagne, pg 73 Pearls a natural History By Neil Landman

Votive Crown of Recesvindo 7th Century, From Pearls By Silvia Malaguzzi, pg 73

Iron Crown, pg 198, Votive Crown of Theolinda, made of gold gems and mother of pearl 6-7th Century pgs198-199, and The Crown of Henry II circa 1280 pg 280, from the book, The Worlds Greatest Treasures, Edited by Gianni Guadalupi

Mosaic of Empress Theodora Circa 547 from Larousse Encyclopedia of Byzantine and medieval Art Edited by Rene Hygne pg 18.

15th Century Safavid Persian inspired small and medium "gemmed" gift boxes.
Lady Satine De La Courcel

Beaded cup covers.
Lady Satine De La Courcel