Making a Lined Pouch

THL Lucia Thaylur

Drawstring on Outside:

Cut pouch and lining to same size. Make buttonholes on outside of pouch only (not lining). Fold fabric so right sides are together for pouch, repeat for lining. Make a narrow seam from bottom to top on both sides of pouch . On lining, leave about a 2-3" opening on bottom of one side. Finger press seams open.

Turn pouch right side out. Place pouch inside of lining (right sides facing).

Align side seams. Pin around top of pouch and lining. Baste or sew both layers together.

Reach inside bag thru opening in lining and pull the pouch thru opening

When pouch has been pulled through the lining, pull taught both bag and lining.

Use a pin to pull corners square on both lining and pouch.
Stitch opening in lining.

Tuck lining inside pouch.

Insert drawstring and ENJOY!

Last updated: 8/13/2005