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Spinning History Spinning
warp & weft
Hand Washing Fleece photo tutorialFiber Prep
for Spinning
A Practical Approach to Wool Processing
Art of Research Research Pitfalls Weavers on the Web Banners History of Hemp
Choosing a Loom Diamonds are Period Textured Silk in Period   Cloth of Gold 
Woven pouches Irish brat       
new 3/03/11
Advanced Sprang Techniques
    Sprang Exposition   
photo tutorialSprang Tutorial
the basics
photo tutorialSprang Tutorial
photo tutorialSprang Tutorial
Hair Net
Knit pouches  Knit Head covers       
photo tutorialKnitting Class Notes  Sion Inspired Relic Purses  Gunnister Pouch Reproduction  Egyptian Stockings Designs   
Knit Silk Stockings    Knitting the Gunnister Pouch     
Mezza Mandlina
  photo tutorialLace
Lacis Introduction
Tablet Weaving Introduction  Card weaving 101      photo tutorialLooped Tablet weaving 
Embroidery Tips and Tricks  Intro to Canvas Work  Girdle Book  Viking Embroidery Stitches   
photo tutorialBlackwork for Beginners        
Blackwork Handkerchief Metalwork Embroidery  Early Viking Embroidery     
14th Century Alms Pouch  Padded Metalwork rose pouch  Padded Metalwork stag pouch  photo tutorialPractical Application
Bayeux Tapestry
Intarsia Pouch         
Flemish Ensemble 1560's        
Flemish garb     Embellishments
photo tutorialMaking a Lined Pouch         
Dyeing with brazilwood        
  photo tutorialSmall Round Basket Class Notes  Baskets     
photo tutorialFelting 101         
Tools of the trade        Projects with Guild device 

Creative Projects

Felt Pouches Camp Chair Cover      
Knit socks Knit scarfs      
 Amulet Bag        

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