Winter Gift Basket

Was given to Their Royal Highnesses Dag and AnneMarie
at St. Valentine's Day Massacre 34

The following were part of the basket.

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2 sets of tablet woven garters

tablet woven trim

Felt pouch with tablet woven trim
Lady PelagiaTHL Donegal

Silk girdle book with silk embroidery

Silk pouch with raised metal work

Silk embroidery on a dozen silk pouches
with hand cast bee's wax blocks
THL Lucia Thaylur
20 sprang pouches in the colors of the Kingdoms
THL Cassandra of Glastonbury

50 felt tea pouches with loose leaf tea.

6 snoods
Lady Ygraine Lennox of Loch Lomond
50 bead charms for children.

7 table woven trim
Lord Dillon ap Dillon

Last updated: 5/10/2007