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Other items contributed by guild members.

30 Children's inkle woven belts

50 Beaded tokens

2 Hand sewn pouches
with tablet woven trim

45 Needle holders

Hand sewn pouch
with tablet woven trim

10 Crochet snoods
Lady Ygraine Lennox
of Loch Lomond

Sprang pouch

Sprang pouch

Sprang pouch

Sprang turban
THL Cassandra of Glastonbury

Embroidered pouch
with inkle woven trim

6 Inkle woven belts

Linen pouch with
lucet cord drawstring

Lined crochet pouch
Lady Gwyđđion Fianna de Fay

Lord Dillon ap Dillon

Tablet woven trim

Lady Eva vanOldebroek

12 Hand sewn reversalble pouches

Lady Pelagia

Metalwork knitted necklace

Lord Barekr Silfri

2 Turkish drop spindles

Lady Erennach

8 Appliqued canine crunchies pouches

25 beaded tokens

Embroidery and pearl pouch

25 fresh water pearl, Semi-precious stone
and beaded bracelets
Lady Satine De La Courcel
Beaded pouch

Embroidery and pearl pouch

Embroidery and pearl pouch

Hand appliqued stuff bag

Silk embroidery on silk pouch

Knitted pouch

Stuff bag
THL Lucia Thaylur

Hand carved drinking horn

Crystal earrings

Carved moose antler necklace

Crystal/botswaine agate pendant

Hand carved lucet

Crystal earrings

Hand sewn Viking baby boots
Lord Conner Lennox of Loch Lomond

Last updated: 6/24/2006