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A lot has happened this past year. Members of the guild supported gift baskets, learned new skills, shared knowledge with others, but most of all had fun.

Cassandra's 12 Step program

  1. Raise sheep/cotton plants/silk worms
  2. Harvest or shear
  3. Clean fiber
  4. Process fiber
  5. Spin fiber into yarn
  6. Dye yarn
  7. Plan project
  8. Prepare yarn for project
  9. Execute project - weaving, braiding, knitting, so on
  10. Admire finished project
  11. Share results w/ group and graciously accept praise
  12. Write an article about your experience.

We would like to welcome new members and hope you find the guild helpful and fun. Our Egroup is a good place to ask questions, discuss future events and arrange a get together. The Web site is a place you can share/display your interests while helping others.

Guild Challenge 09/10
Midrealm Page School
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