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P36 Youth Archery
June 8, 2007

Greetings from Roewynne,

Last fall the Youth Archery program was turned over to Elspeth MacGregor.
I had sent several notes to this site, but they were putting in a new Web Minister.
I am proud and happy that my successor is Elspeth MacGregor. She has youth of her own, and is an very enthusiastic Marshal. I hope she will continue in the fine tradition of promoting archery to the Youth of our Kingdom.

I am going to continue being Pennsic Youth Archery Commander, but was currently looking for deputies to help with Pennsic. I have two fine offers from Erik Erikkson, who has Marshalled the Youth Range for several years at Gulf Wars, he is currently residing in Oaken region. The other deputy, just contacted me. He is Owen FitzOwen, and those of you from the Midlands (Illinois) area will know of him. He has also helped me for a few years on the Youth Range at Pennsic. Look for these fine gentlemen on the ranges this year, especially if you donít see me!

We are still setting up the schedule for the Youth Range shoots at Pennsic, so I will post the schedule soon.

Youth will be allowed to shoot (as always) the adult War Points. This year, the advancing man will be 15 yard; 25, 35, etc., untimed. I will be holding practice for war points, geared for the Youth; from 11-12noon, on the Youth Range, every day that the War Points are open, except for Friday.
Everyone will be allowed to shoot War Points twice this year, as long as they are on different days!

Saturday, Aug.4th at 2pm will be the 6th Knowne World Youth Archery Rose Tourney.
All Youth, find a Royal or Rose to shoot for in this event!

Pennsic Youth Archery Championships begin at 9am, Friday, Aug. 10th. You need to shoot on the ranges for 2 days to qualify for the Championships. It is preferable the novelties on the Youth Range, but the older Youth can shoot novelties on the others.) at least 2 days.

Youth range will be open from 9am-4pm. Friday, Aug.3rd, youth range will be open for Practice. There will be no scheduled shoots, except for Youth Royal Round at noon.
There will also be a schedule you may take with you from the Youth Archery Range,
Located on the table in the Youth tent.

Have fun, and good shooting for the year!

Yours in Service,
Forester Roewynne Lanley
Pennsic Youth Archery Commander

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