Past Missives from the Midrealm Youth Archery Marshal

Youth Archery 6-14-06


Summer is here and the season is in full throttle. Those of you who are going to Pennsic, there will be a separate Youth Archery Range as in the last three years. We will try to have fun-filled shoots for you.

Our Draconic Majesties Felix and Madeleina are sponsoring the Known World Youth Archery Rose Tourney, Sat. Aug. 12th, at 2pm. A Youth can ask any Rose to Sponsor them. They need to know the Rose's (including current Queens, Princess, Vi-Countesses)

Name, and where the ruled from.  A Youth is permitted to represent only 1 Rose. A Rose can also ask a Youth to represent them. A Rose is permitted only 1 Youth to represent them.

A Rose should gift their youth with a token of their respect.

The youth shall show the token of their Rose to whom ever is running the shoot, to state their Roses' name and place of rule.


The Pennsic Youth Archery Championships will be held last Friday. Start time at 9am. To qualify, Youth must have shot on the ranges at least 2 days during the week.

HRM Tessa, of Aethelmearc is holding a shoot, time TBA.

Loachlain, Scarlet Guard and AG of Aethelmearc, will be demonstrating on how to practice to shoot, and demo his 16 arrows in 30 seconds skill. Check for time.

Please look at this site for future updates to Pennsic Youth Archery changes!

Have fun shooting, and hope to see you on the Ranges!!!

Midrealm Youth Archery Commander
P35 Deputy YA Commander

Youth Archery 4-24-06

Please welcome as my new Middle Kingdom Youth Archery Marshal deputies: Elspeth MacGregor and Angus from Havenholde, Barony of Flaming Gryphon. They are married with youth, and have been active in the archery community for quite a while. They enjoy teaching and being around youth, especially on the archery ranges.



your friendly Kingdom Youth Archery Marshal

Youth Archery 2-21-06

Greetings to all!

Another GREAT season is coming for archery and our Youth. As Parents, we need to find activities that we can do with our youth, and what better way than to spend it on an Archery Range at a SCA event??? Outside most of the time!!!

All archery programs welcome youth, and permit youth to shoot alongside their parents.
Some parents still leave their youth without supervision, which we then can not let certain ages participate. Archery is a lethal weapon, and the only live weapon in SCA besides the Thrown Weapons. If, heaven forbid, a youth gets injured the PARENT must be accessible in order to OK treatment.

There are three age breakdowns:
9 and under: Parents must be with their Youth at all times on the same range.
10-13: Parents must be on the range(s)*
14-17: Parents need not be on range, but accessible and nearby.
Another person named as ‘Responsible Party’, must be with the Archer, and know where the Parent is located, and what the Parent looks like.*

*Marshal in Charge of Archery may make exceptions to above age bracket rules, solely at the MIC’s discretion.

The Youth Archery Handbook of the Midrealm is online at: .

The above handbook was written for running separate Youth Ranges. Most events will not have a separate range, but the Archery Marshals (AMs) are helpful with the younger youth. Separate Youth Ranges are usually at the larger Archery events, such as Pennsic, as of this year Gulf Wars; Grand Tournament of Archery and sometimes Better Wars through Archery. But, if requested beforehand, usually we can come up with a target for the Youth.

Now is a great time to take your bows out and polish and start lightly flexing your bow, to limber it up from the lack of usage. Sometimes, especially self bows and long bows, if the limbs aren’t warmed up, they are easier to break.

To limber bow: Polish and let the wood get moistened. (If it was stored in cold, bring it in for a day or two to room temperature-bows shouldn’t be stored outside or extreme temperatures.) Next day, string your bow, and gently pull back half way, slowly, and bring down (That means to bring the string back down to the starting position) the bow – slowly. Do this about 20 times the first day.
Next day, you can do 10 ˝ pulls, 10 full pulls – and do this for about another 2 or 3 days.
Then the bow limbs should be warmed up and ready to shoot.

We have a very active program, and it takes all of us, the youth, parents and archery marshals, to make it succeed.

I understand there will be a Youth Range at Better Wars through Archery this year.

I’m also still helping with the Pennsic Youth Range, so if you have ideas let me know. Charles O’Connor (a past Dagon herald of the Midrealm) has taken over the range for Pennsic 35. I’ll pass them on. He just moved to D.C., so is hard to get a hold of.

Good shooting!

Yours in Service to Archery,

Roewynne Langley
Middle Kingdom Youth Archery Marshal

Youth Archery 2005

I am in charge of Youth Archery Range for Pennsic 34. This will be my 3rd year in a row doing the Youth range. If you were at Pennsic either of the last two years, I've created a structured format. I am currently in the process of setting up novelty shoots for the Youth and was wondering if you or anyone else who is coming to Pennsic would like to sponsor a shoot for the Youth? I would like as many different Kingdoms as possible to be involved. Last year we had five Kingdoms represented at the Youth Range. 

Sponsorship includes, bringing a target(s), and prizes. Sponsors will be running the shoot for Youth ages 2-17.
I have had 3 divisions of Youth (if you want to use them); 9 and under, 10-13 and 14-17. Time is 1hr in length (or more if needed, there are still some slots together).
You do not have to take the targets home with you. If you want to, you can leave them to be re-used during Pennsic, or even have them included in the Youth Championships.
As in the previous 2 years, on the last Friday (Aug.19th) starting at 9am, we will be holding the 3rd Annual Pennsic Youth Archery tournament. It's tons of fun, and your archers are more than welcome to help then, or at any time. (I expect an even bigger turnout than last years!)

I'd like anyone who wants to sponsor a shoot to send me their info about the shoot, whether it is Adult/Youth or Youth, and how the shoot is run by the end of April. It should include your SCA name, group and Kingdom so I can include that in the booklet.
I work in a Library, and can print the schedules and a booklet out the first week of May (for free). Then I get too busy with inventory.

Also, I've taken on a deputy for the Pennsic Youth Range: Baron Charles O'Connor from Aethelmarc. He wants to have classes held on the range. I believe he has token making, robin hood hats, braces, pouches. If anyone wants to jump in, please let him (or me) know.

Charles O'Connor's e-mail:

Hoping to see you and everyone else soon!

Yours in Service,


Forester Roewynne Langley
Pennsic 34 Youth Archery Co-ordinator
Midrealm Youth Archery Marshal


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