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Pennsic XXXVI Youth Archery Schedule (PDF)

Pennsic War youth archery rules

Youth Archery -- A very ambitious program of youth archery is being developed, and a youth range will be open throughout the War. We very strongly encourage young shooters, it must be stated that the range cannot be used as a depository for unattended minors, nor shall marshals assume babysitting responsibilities.

  1. 9 and under youth must have a PARENT at the SAME range that the youth is shooting on.
  2. 10-13 year olds: Parents or designated responsible person must be at the Archery ranges. It is on the discretion of the Youth MIC, or the Range Marshals whether the Parent or Responsible Party may shoot at another range than the Youth.
  3. 14 year olds: This is a general Babysitting age throughout the States.
  4. 14-17 year olds: Youths must have written permission from Parent to use the ranges and also to get medical help. They may be a "responsible Person" for the younger youth.
  5. If they are a Responsible Person for another minor, they must have 2 things:
    1. Note from Parent saying their child may shoot on the range with the Responsible Person
    2. Permission to get treated in case of a medical emergency. Permission should be on Youth at all times, and when they sign-in at the Youth Archery tent, should state that they have the permission(s).
  6. It is strongly recommended to have a buddy system with the 14-17 year olds. The buddy should know the Parents and where they can find them, in case of injury.

The reasons for the above are that under mundane law, we can not treat an injury for a minor without a Parents OK. Signed notes work just fine. It is a safety issue here that would cover us.
Unattended minors (i.e. gentles under the age of 18), that havenít complied with the above, risk loss of range access for them and their children for the balance of the War.

Youth Equipment:

Applies the same as to Adults. There are exceptions to this rule.

  1. New archers may borrow equipment. I usually have loaner bows and arrows.
  2. Loaner equipment may ONLY be used at the Youth Range.
  3. Loaner Equipment is only for Youth
  4. Arrows may be plastic fletched.
  5. For the Youth Championship on last Friday:
    1. Youth must have their own Equipment. This means they should have wood arrows with feather fletched, and their own bow (which may be shared by a friend or sibling on the discretion of the Youth MIC).
    2. There will be no loaner equipment on this day.

Responsible Person/Party: An Adult or Youth 14 years of age and older, who knows the etiquette and rules of the ranges, who takes on full responsibilities of minors under their care on the ranges. They are responsible for the behavior and actions of the minor and of themselves. Infractions caused by either, can result in expulsion from the ranges.


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