Novelty Shoots for Youth and Adults


Created by HL Roewynne Langley, Midrealm – Shire of Mugmort

Materials: Flower wreaths: headbands, bracelets and necklaces

Targets: Maidens - 2

The Shoot's skill: To be able to hit a slot or bullseye. Depends how the picture is drawn on the target.

Target: About 4' tall. Draw/paint wreaths around head, neck and/or wrist.

The Shoot: You are to aim for the neck wreath. If they hit the wreath or the arrow hits the center, they win a wreath. They have 6 arrows to hit the target. Youth 12-17 shoot at 20 yards, 11 and under shoot at 10 yards. If you use three targets, divide by 9 and under, 10-13 and 14-17. If they don't win a prize, they may shoot again. They may go for the headband or bracelet after they have shot the necklace.
Adults are only to aim for the head and wrist wreaths. If they hit the neck lei, they lose their turn. They do not get a neck wreath, unless they have already won a headband or bracelet. Adults have only 3 arrows to hit target. (It's nice if they give prize to youth). They may shoot for the necklace after they have shot the wrist or head wreath.

NOTE: I want to encourage parents to shoot with the kids, but any adult can fill in and an adult can mean 16 and over if you feel it's necessary, no need to be rigid and that would encourage siblings to shoot together.


Created By Aleezabet De Ravenna of House Black Fletch

Prizes: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Team Prizes will be given.

The Shoot: 2 rounds of 6 (12 arrows). 8 people at the line at one time. Children shoot at 10 yards/ adults at 20 yards. Children will be allowed to use noisemakers and make noise during the adult part of the shoot. Children may keep the noisemakers. Adults MUST be quiet during the children's shoot (no coaching... cheering is encouraged after the child finishes his/her last shot). Adults shoot at the rats, 5 points per rat, -10 if an adult hits the Piper. Children shoot at the Piper 10 points if the Piper is hit ANYWHERE, minus 5 points if they hit a rat.


Created by Lady Grania Menic, Gleann Iariunn, Barony of the Middle Marchers, Middle Kingdom.

Materials: Foam (futon mattress); markers, scissors

Set Up: Make snakes out of foam for futon mattress. Make 2 cobras (4 points each), 2 asps (3 points each) and one python or boa (2 points) that can curl around a tree. Place at various distances, boa around a tree or other object. If you roll the foam up and tie it, let it stay that way for a few months, the curl will stay in the snake. Adults shoot COLD one time only to get scores. Youth may shoot twice for scores (if get on second time, minus a point) No need to repeat shoot if they hit the snakes on the first time. Otherwise, if only doing as a single novelty, only shoot cold one time and add scores.


Created by Lady Grania Menic, Gleann Iariunn, Barony of the Middle Marchers, Middle Kingdom.

Materials: Cardboard, balloons,lots of string, pipe cleaners.

Construction: Make the cardboard into a spider shape, putting 4 holes on each side. Take pipe cleaners and insert through holes to make 4 legs on each side. Make another hole in spiders head and attach string. A slot is cut into the body (first segment) of the spider. Balloons are blown up and tied, then slipped into the slots, making the back end of the spider.

Set: String a line across the range. Tie off at poles. Attach spiders to line. Attach balloons

The Shoot: You get an unknown distance to shoot the balloons. This is done cold – no practice. 3 points for a hit.


Designed By Aleezabet De Ravenna of House Black Fletch

The Shoot: For William Tell there will be a paper target of a very small child with a very huge apple on his head and huge apples in his hands, for kids to shoot. There will be an Evil Town Manager (chieftain) encompassing the background behind the kid and the Chieftain etc. apples. Kids will shoot at 10 yards. For the adults there will be a very small kid target with real apples on its head and in its hands. The Evil one in the background will only count if hit in the heart. If they hit the apples they are likely to get smaller. If they fall on the ground they have to shoot them there. Target at 30 yards. 6 arrows each, parent and child shoot un-timed at different targets. 1 point for each hit on an apple. 2 points for kids hitting anywhere on the Baron. 2 points for heart shots for the adults. The adult/kid team with the most points wins in 1st, 2nd and 3rd categories.



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