Some Important Youth Archery Issues to Remember:

  1. The most important thing you must remember is that the Archery Range is NOT a babysitting service. You, as Parent/Guardian are responsible for your children at all times.
  2. We are concerned with safety for the Youth. Remember, a minor must have Parental Consent in case of a Medical Emergency in order to be treated.
  3. Make sure your Youth only puts arrow to bow, on the line while facing target.
  4. Make sure an Archery Marshal or Marshal in Training is nearby at SCA related events.
  5. Remind your Youth that Archery is a dangerous sport.
  6. Remind your Youth to NEVER run with a bow and/or arrows in their hands.
  7. Remind your Youth to listen and obey the Archery Marshals on the Range.

So, go to the Ranges and have fun shooting with our Youth!


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