Novelty Shoots for Youth Archery


Created by Lady Grania Menic, Gleann Iariunn, Barony of the Middle Marches, Middle Kingdom.

Materials: Cardboard, paint, broom stick, rope, metal clothes hanger, straight stick.

Construction of Moose
Body: Glue 4 layers of cardboard together. Make slots to put antlers on, so they can move up and down. (Pattern for it will be available later) (A) Tie string onto ends of antler, balance Moose onto the rod with a piece of string. (B) The Moose's tail should be a piece of metal that you bend to make a loop.
Set up: On one tree (or pole), hang two hanger loops attached to string, tied to pole. (C) On another pole (tree) attach broom stick at one end, and the sting to attach the moose at the far end. Pull Moose up until he stretches to meet the hooks from the first tree (see diagram D) Put small stick or tooth brush through both wires (Diagram E)
The Shoot: Two people at a time. The Moose will be let go by a third party, and must be shot before it stops swinging. You can NOT shoot at the Moose until it is moving. If arrow is dragging on ground, or Moose is close to stopping, the Marshal will call a stop. Each hit is a point.


Created by Lady Grania Menic, Gleann Iariunn, Barony of the Middle Marchers, Middle Kingdom.

Materials: cardboard, balloons, lots of string, pipe cleaners.

Construction: Make the cardboard into a spider shape, putting 4 holes on each side. Take pipe cleaners and insert through holes to make 4 legs on each side. Make another hole in spiders head and attach string. A slot is cut into the body (fist segment) of the spider. Balloons are blown up and tied, then slipped into the slots, making the back end of the spider.

Set up: String a line across the range. Tie off at poles. Attach spiders to line. Attach balloons

The Shoot: You get an unknown distance to shoot the balloons. This is done cold – no practice. 3 points for a hit.


Created by Forrester Master Forester James Cunningham*, Midrealm, Shire of Havenholde
*This is a shoot I am stealing from Padraig....William

Materials: Black socks (plague rats) and white socks (good rats).

The Shoot: Two rounds of six arrows, untimed. Hit the white rats and score minus 1. Hit and stick the black rats and score a kill. Only those arrows that stick in rat count. There will be bounce outs, this adds to the challenge of the hunt. Ties will be broken by a shootoff. Bounce outs do not score.


Created by Forester Padraig MacRaighne, Midrealm, Barony of Northwoods

The Shoot: The Poacher shoot is a 3D deer target at unknown distance. The shooters get 1 shot at each of 3 distances/angles. The shot is progressively more difficult. The idea is that you are trying to feed your family by poaching one of the King's deer. This ties in to the legend or fairy tale theme by somewhat replicating how legend says Robin Hood became an outlaw: He met a group of the King's Foresters and challenged them to a contest of skill with the bow. One of the individuals suggested a deer as target. They arrested Robin for shooting the deer.


Created by Grania Menic, Midrealm. Shire of Gleann Iariann, Barony of Middle Marches

Materials: 3 different size boxes – small, medium, large. Stuff boxes with foam or cardboard.

Construction: Build wall of boxes, on top of hay bales.

The Shoot: Have kids shoot the boxes off the hay bales. Large is 1 point, medium gets 2 points, and small gets 3 points. 2 divisions: one for 12 and under and another for 13-17. Youth shoots 6 arrows or until all boxes are down. Can be shot again. The person with the most points awarded at the end of the shoot wins.


Materials: Target/plain board. Lots of string, knife or scissor

Skill: Grouping

The Shoot: Have youth get a yard or so (you decide, can be much longer or shorter) of string. The object is to group your arrows on the hay bales/target. Use 6 arrows only. Shoot one arrow off, watch where it hits the target. Try to hit as close as you can to the first arrows, using your other 5 arrows. Once all 6 arrows have been shot, take your string and wrap it once around the arrow. Cut off the end of the string. The string that was used to wrap the arrows, throw away. The last person to have any string left or the longest string after 4 flights, wins.


Baniarla Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill, Forester and Earl Sir Tarquin the Red, Forester
Midrealm: Barony of Roaring Wastes/House Darkyard.

The Shoot: Three targets are set at three distances (10, 15 and 20 for the kids or closer if you want or all at one distance nothing is set in stone) The first target is a small Keep with a large door and one small window, the objective is to hit either the door or the window to gain access to the keep. They advance the to the next target by hitting the door or the window or after shooting six arrows. The next target is three doors. The middle door is the pub the left door is the kitchen and the right door is the privy. They advance to the next target by hitting the middle door with an arrow or shooting six arrows. They are now in the pub. The target is the bar with a bartender and four cans (or classes or bottles) sitting on the bar, they must hit one of the cans without hitting the bartender to win a drink. The drink will be juice box or something similar.
The least amount of arrows it will take to do this is three arrows the most will be eighteen. They will have at least six arrows in which to hit a drink but as much as sixteen, so if a person hits the keep door with one arrow and the pub door with one arrow then they will have sixteen arrows in which to hit a can, if they hit the keep with the three arrows and the door on with four arrows they will have eleven arrows to get a drink.

Optional rules: To make things more challenging you can penalize archers one arrow for every hit on the wrong door or for hitting the bartender or both. For older kids or adults this shoot can run in reverse. Shoot the bartender then you must shoot your way out to get the drink.

(Sometimes I think that I made it easy to understand when in reality I've confused people, so if this is the case let me know and I will let Aibhilin rewrite it, she was the English major. I usually let her rewrite things before I send them out but she went to bed. Anyway if you have any questions let me know... Tarquin)


Created by Mistress Arwenna of Kelsley, Forester, Midrealm – Shire of Gwyntarian

Targets: 2 or 3
Prize for best score
Red and White construction paper

Skill: Aiming at small objects.

Target: Use at least 2 posterboards. Cut 6" hearts or Roses out of red and white paper. Glue hearts in a variety of patterns, so that only a few red or white are together. They can be in lines, or sections on the board. Cut red and white squares and place in hat.

The Shoot: Each participant pulls a color from the hat. Object is to hit the opposite color that you pull from the hat. For example: If you pulled red from the hat, you are red. You must shoot the white heart. If you hit the white heart you receive two points, if you hit your own color, you minus one point. Misses do not count. It is possible to come out with a total score of negative points. You have 6 arrows to shoot the board.


Created by Master Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe, Forester

The Shoot: Take a variety of stuffed animals and scatter them on the ground. Have the youth shoot at them. When they hit the animal and the arrow sticks, the youth has won the animal.



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