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History 101 - the Middle Ages

Legends & Lore of the Middle Ages


Breughel's Young Folk at Play, ca 1560
Be certain to visit Breughel's Children at Play, a really fun, interactive site to help you learn about Medieval children's games.
From the Elliot Avedon Museum and Archive of Games.





Women in the Middle Ages

Writers, Artists, Musicians





Cartography (Maps)


Medieval Stained Glass Windows
Medieval stained glass detail from 13th centry Chartres, France
How to Make Stained Glass

The Planets & Their Children:
A Blockbook of Medieval
Popular Astrology

The Medieval Technology Pages

Ever wonder what day your birthday would have fallen on in say.... 1492? Here's a
Medieval Calendar Calculator

Fishing in Early Medieval Times

The Art of Angling
Olde to New

Fishy Fun from
Liam the Fish Dude


Make a Portable Sundial

Make a Canterbury Sundial

Ever wonder where a word or phrase came from?
Ye Olde English Sayings

People of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
(a general listing for research purposes; some links)

Farthings and Shillings...
Medieval Money

Tudor History

Tudor England

Life in Elizabethan England

Colouring, Dyes and Medieval Chemistry

Honycomb Beeswax Candles

Odins Castle:
the Great Hall

Flower Pressing


The Medieval Science Page


What IS an Astrolabe?

Astrolabes - from the University of Hawaii


A Walk Through Time:

Medieval calendars, clocks and more!


Create an SCA Persona

Need a little help making up that persona? Use this handy worksheet as a guide to finding that SCA-dian buried deep inside!


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