Strictly Smallfry!


You won't BELIEVE how many Christmas activities are listed here!!

Fun With Gingerbread


Printable Activities

Make Your Own Tiara!

Great Recipes for Craft Clays, Doughs and Paints from

Bluebonnet Village Crafts

More recipes for Kids' Doughs and Paints!


Make a Cardboard Castle!

Make a Viking Longboat!


Most of the following links aren't necessarily "period", but they are some really great resource sites for teachers and youth ministers who have a lot of 'smallfry' to entertain!

Hands-On Crafts for Kids!
Sooooo many great crafts complete with visuals and easy to understand instructions


Enchanted Learning
Another MUST-SEE is Enchanted Learning (copyright 1996)
You won't believe your eyes!


Yahooligans directory page for Kids crafts
Major goodies at Yahooligans!


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