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Arts and Sciences Competition

General Rules for Participation in the Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire - Regional and Kingdom Level

1. The Middle Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire is open to all SCA participants.

2. All entries must represent pre-seventeenth century culture and be derived from a European culture or another culture which had documentable contact with Europe during that period.

3. In order to be eligible for participation, an entry:
• must have been completed (but not started) within the previous two years.
• may not have been entered in any previous year’s Regional or Kingdom level Faire. An entry may have been entered in any other competition, show or display either in or outside the Middle Kingdom.
• must comply with the General rules for the Faire as well as the particular category rules under which the entry is placed.

4. Participants and judges are required to register in advance for Regional and Kingdom Faires. Entrants not preregistered for a Faire will not be allowed to participate.

5. Participants may submit their work for critique and advancement to Kingdom Finals in any Regional Faire; however, participants in the Pentathlon must submit their work in the region where they reside if they wish to be considered for Regional Arts Champion. If not, they may submit in any Region.

6. Entrants under the age of 18 may enter as a Youth. At the Regional Fairs these entries will receive commentary but no scores. They are eligible to go to the Kingdom Fair for commentary only. Youth entries may not be used as a Pentathlon entry.

7. Entrants may choose to enter as a Novice. At the Regional Fairs, Novice entries will receive commentary only and no scores. Novice entries are not eligible to go to the Kingdom Fair.

8. The entrant’s name, the name of the person the entry was created for, or an SCA group name, must appear on the documentation.

9. Face-to-face judging is the default judging method at Regional and Kingdom levels. Judging solely from written documentation must be requested at the time the entrant registers.

10. Each entry must be accompanied by one entry ticket and three expendable copies of written documentation. It is strongly recommended that once an entry number has been assigned to an entry, the participant should record that entry number on all copies of the entry’s documentation.

11. The amount and style of documentation provided is at the participant’s discretion. Documentation includes all information given in writing and verbally.

12. A participant must do his or her own research; however, the participant may have help in preparing the written documentation, provided that such assistance is indicated on the entry ticket. In such case, there will be an automatic deduction of one half (½) point from the documentation score for the entry. This does not include proofreading or suggestions.

13. Entries must be physically present the day of the Regional or Kingdom level Faire. Performance entries must be live. Since the categories of Riding Performance, Equestrian and Animal Husbandry are mail-in categories, videotapes and DVDs are acceptable.

14. Substitutions of modern alternatives for products derived from endangered plant, animal, and insect species, and materials that may be toxic or hazardous will not be penalized.

15. Materials used in the creation of entries may be modern if they resemble period materials. An entrant may procure period materials, such as hand woven, naturally dyed cloth, from another source. An entrant is not required to produce these materials, but they are welcome to do so.

16. Entries produced from kits are not eligible for entry. The use of templates is permitted.

17. Entries should not be penalized for reasonable wear on an entry.

18. The entry’s Scope will be evaluated within the entry’s time period. That is, the judge will not assume that the earlier S.C.A. Period works are automatically simple in Scope while later S.C.A. period works are automatically difficult in Scope.

19. Participants may enter up to 7 entries; however, they may not enter more than three items in a single category.

20. A group submission may be entered in any category provided that all responsible individuals are listed on the entry ticket. An individual may enter a group project for individual critique only if their work is clearly distinguishable. In this case, s/he must submit a separate entry ticket and documentation. Specific written entry lengths and running time limits for performances are set forth in the rules for those categories.

21. Mail-in category entries must be received by the mail-in category deadline, which is set by the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences and announced in the Middle Kingdom newsletter The Pale. Mail-in entries will receive one score that will apply to both the Regional and Kingdom Faire.

22. Any beverage, foodstuff, or herbal entry must conform to the Prohibited and Restricted Herbs list if intended for tasting and/or ingestion (including skin absorption). Any herb used in an entry must be listed in the documentation by its common English name and its Latin botanical name.

23. Brewing and Vinting Judges must be age 21 years and older. Brewing and vinting judges must be able to supply a photo identification which provides proof of age.

24. If appropriate, an entry may be cross-entered in only one other category. A separate entry ticket and documentation must be submitted for the cross-entry. Any entry that is entered as a suite of items may not be broken up into individual components to cross enter into other categories. The entry may be cross-entered as a suite into only one other category.

25. Judges will follow the Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire Judging Criteria when judging entries. If the judge or entrant disagrees with the criteria, they may submit their comments in writing to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences to be used in future revisions of the Criteria.

26. Judges may use 0.5 but no other fractional increments in scoring.

27. An entry’s score will be the average of scores given to it by the judges in that category. Each entry will receive a placement based on its average score, rounded to the nearest whole number as follows: First Place: 24.5 to 30 Points. Second Place: 18.5 to 24.4 Points. Third Place: 12.5 to 18.4 Points. Honorable Mention: 12.4 or fewer Points.

28. All entries which receive a first or second Place at the Regional level are eligible for advancement to Kingdom Faire.

29. The Regional and Kingdom level Faires will operate on the honor system. Any person who deliberately submits false information or claims works which have not been done by them (with the documentation exception detail in rule #10), will have all entries disqualified and will be barred from participation the following year.

30. Entries may be modified between the Regional and Kingdom level Faires; but this modification must be noted with a paragraph at the end of the documentation noting changes and reasoning.  Documentation may be enhanced between the Regional and Kingdom level Faires to include new information or to incorporate comments and information from the Regional level judges.

31. Any entrant at a Regional Faire may appeal to the Regional MOAS for rejudging of a piece. At Kingdom, any entrant may appeal to the KMOAS for rejudging. If rejudging is requested, the new scores are final.

32. Entrants wishing to participate in the Pentathlon or Divisional Championship must be subjects of the Middle Kingdom and comply with the rules for those competitions. Entrants may enter Pentathlon or Divisional but not both.

33. Entries for the Pentathlon or the Divisional championships must be entered at the same Regional Faire. Group entries will not be applied to Pentathlon or Divisional Championships.

34. The Divisional Championship will be determined as follows: the contestant must have scores in three unique categories within one criteria division. The highest possible cumulative combination of scores on only three unique categories will be used to determine the Divisional Championship. All entries used in a Regional Divisional Championship must receive a 1st or 2nd place to be eligible to participate at the Kingdom Divisional Championship. Only those entries used in the score at the Regional Faire may be entered in the Kingdom Divisional Championship.

35. The Pentathlon Championship will be determined as follows: the entrant must have scores in at least five categories drawn from at least four separate divisions, with entries in no more than two categories in any one division. The highest possible combination of scores on only five categories, as specified above, will be used to determine the Pentathlon Championship. All entries used in a Regional Pentathlon Championship must receive a 1st or 2nd place in order to be eligible to participate at the Kingdom Pentathlon Championship. Only the entries used in the Regional Pentathlon Championship score may continue on to the Kingdom Pentathlon Championship.

36. The Winner of the Kingdom Divisional Championship will be the entrant with the highest combined score for that Division. There will be one champion for each Division.

37. The Winner of the Kingdom A&S Faire will be the entrant with the highest combined score in the Pentathlon Championship. If there are no entries in the Pentathlon Championship then it will be the Divisional Champion with the highest combined score.

38. The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences reserves the right to open new Faire categories if there is interest in the Kingdom to warrant new categories.

39. The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences reserves the right to make exceptions to the General Rules on a case-by-case basis.

The Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire Judging Criteria, 2011 Edition.
Copyright © 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000,2003, 2011, 2013 by the Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
Individual criteria in this volume may be photocopied and disseminated for use within the Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire cloth, from another source. An entrant is not required to produce these materials, but they are welcome to do so.

**Considering adding Novice and Youth as official classifications. This would replace comment only. Youth and novice entries may be displayed at Kingdom Faire but will not be judged.

MoAS Reporting Schedule
Non-Baronial Groups
(Cantons, Colleges, Shires, etc.):
January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1
Baronial Groups
January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15
Regional MoAS
February 1, May 1, August 1, November 1 (Domesday)
Incipient groups are NOT required to report monthly. All quarterly reports should be sent to your Regional officer. Baronial & Regional officers must get your report. They are there to help keep Kingdom informed of what is going on.
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