Winner of the AS XXXV and AS XXXVI
William Blackfox Award
for Best Special Interest Newsletter

Artes Draconis
The Middle Kingdom A&S Newsletter, published quarterly

The Arts and Sciences newsletter of the Middle Kingdom is looking for new articles to publish! These will focus on helping the Gentles of our kingdom learn new skills to enhance their participation in our activities. The majority will emphasize ways to create new things, and to pass on knowledge and skills to later generations. Lest we stray to far into the "Arts" part, we also need articles on research being done into new areas. This includes things that perhaps didn't work or were "failures" - because sometimes you learn the most from those! And, just because you see a subject below, don't think you can't submit an article. We are always accepting new articles! Likewise, we'll always take articles for items related to the issue's theme, which may not be listed (e.g., food relating to an "all-fighter' issue, etc.)

Submitting is easy. Just follow the guidelines in these links: Submitting to Artes Draconis | Release form | Back Issues

If you would like a printed copy, send a check for $5.00 to the address listed below (the price covers the cost of production and shipping).

Send submissions and requests for printed issues to chronicler at midrealm dot org

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