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Silver Anniversary Event

September 13, 2014

Duke Syr Talymar and Baroness Mistress Melisande invite one and all to a celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary. This is a free event [no site fee, no feast fee] held at the Logan Conference Center, 30682 Chieftain Drive, Logan, OH 43138 from 9 am to 9 pm.

We have plenty of both inside and outside space. Both heavy and fencing can take place indoors if need be. Sunshades and day camps can be set up outside – no fires. Merchants welcome.

Event Steward: Jeanne Johnson AKA Baroness Mistress Melisande 740-385-4845


The site is bone-dry absolutely no alcohol



Heavy Weapons

Old fashioned double-elimination tourney [prize]

Novice Tourney [Prize] Qualifications: five years or less fighting, never won a tourney, and no fighting award above an AOA

Grey Beard Tourney 55 and older [prize]



Double-elimination or round robin tourney [prize]



Prize shoot – rules to be set by the archery marshal

Baronial Championship for Archery – rules to be determined by Their Excellencies Middle Marches


Thrown Weapons

Prize tourney – rules to be set by the thrown weapons marshal

Baronial Championship for Thrown Weapons – rules to be determined by Their Excellencies Middle Marches


Arts and Sciences Display

Prizes from Baroness Melisande


Making and decorating a Dragon Cake

Some of you will remember this one from past Kiddie-Cons. Lots of opportunity for folks of all ages to ice and decorate him with candy ‘jewels’.


Treasure Hunt

Four person teams at least one member must be a child or ‘new’—year or less— member. If you think this is just for children, you’ll be sorry when you see the treasure – hint: Silver anniversary.



Simple fall hunter’s feast: bread, cheese, fruit, stew.

Dragon Cake for desert


Bardic/Story telling

Best story, song or poetry about Talymar or Melisande [can be slightly exaggerated but must be based in fact].







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