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Arts and Sciences

If you are interested in teaching a class at Mugmort Melees please contact:

Lady Cwen of Ynys Afallach

(Embrey Keck)


Please check back soon for class listings and times!


Sarai Tindall Will be teaching two classes:

"Hand sewing" at 2pm

"How to wear a veil" at 11am



Lady Maggie O'Donnell

Period Pigments "without poisoning yourself" at 11am



Lord Luca Sogliano:

"How to brew on the cheap" at 11am



Mael Mhuire mac Neill hui Cholman:

"Beginners Scribing" at 1pm



Lady Hoedez L'Adroit de Calais:

"Miracle Max's Guide to Health" at 1pm

Will focus on the roles of alchemists, apothecaries and physicians during the Middle Ages.   How much of their knowledge is correct?  Does it have any impact on modern medicine?



Sara Bella of Two Shires:

"Fingerloop Braiding", just bring your fingers at 2pm



Lady Grania will be teaching two classes:

"Viking Footwear" at 1pm

"Stick Weaving" at 11am (class is for adults and children )



Lady Licia deSolari:

"Beading" at 1pm

Kids are welcome as long as they have a parent, guardian, older brother or sister to help them thread the needle






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