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Children’s Activities


Youth Activities with Lord Gebhard

Youth twelve in age and older are welcome to come construct a crossbow!

Once you complete your crossbow may head to the archery list and commence the removal of many R.O.U.Ses plaguing our kingdom!

What do you do after you remove a R.O.U.S? Take part in a horde of festivities and games! There will be many fun things to do for those not of crossbow age, or do wish to risk the bite of a R.O.U.S!

Prototype can be seen here: http://lozengia.com/dragonstreasure/?p=16

They are a lot of fun to shot are low power, approx. 15 lbs. pull weight.


For younger members, we will have a series of games:

Digging for treasure: it's pretty much as it sounds - a small item will
placed in a pile. First one to dig it out wins a prize. It's safer than lightning sand.

Battle of wits: travel around outwitting your opponents for small prizes.

Make your own story book story: You can make your own classic tale about how a
dragon eats a princess, hordes gold, and finds true love.

Free Style play, pool noodles and who knows what else?


For teens and adults we have:

Put down your rock, I’ll put down my sword, and we’ll kill each
other like civilized people:

Sir Callach (Undefeated Known World Wrestling Champion [retired]) and
his soon to be squire Edward will be teach the basics of period wrestling

This class will be in the morning at 10am.


Gaming tables will be up, if you would like to play Pirates, Nine Man Morris, dice games, or anything else.

I will also have my loaner youth gear present, in case someone would like to fight boffer.

Mugmort Melee's will have a inconceivable amount of other activities I look
forward to seeing you there and I hope we win.


All quotes from The Princess Bride are Copyright The Princess Bride Limited, 1987