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Martial Activities

“Does it got any sports in it?  Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…”

-Grandson and Grandfather








Please check back soon for a full listing of activities!


Siege Authorizations WILL happen at Mugmort Melees 7!

After lunch or as time permits.....


Archery Activities with Lord Diccon de Reinport


10:00 am - Range opens. Royal Rounds and novelty shoots

12:00 pm - Range closes for lunch. (range may be open for practice if sufficient marshals are available)

1:00 pm - Range re-opens. Novelty shoots

4:00 pm - Range closes



Main Archery Range

Youth Archery Range

10:00 am

Royal Rounds


11:00 am

12:00 pm

Range closes for lunch

1:00 pm

Shrieking Eels


2:00 pm


3:00 pm

Wild Animal Hunt

4:00 pm

Range closes

Royal Rounds - this will be shot in accordance with the Middle Kingdom rules for Royal Rounds and the scores will be submitted to the Middle Kingdom Archery Scores site at http://scores-sca.org/home/index.php?R=9&.

Balloons - there are a plethora of balloons that need to be popped.

Shrieking Eels - the Shrieking Eels are attacking! See if you can get them before they get you.

R.O.U.S. - there are rumors of R.O.U.S. in the fields. Test your skill against a moving target.

Wild Animal Hunt - a shoot for the young and the young at heart. Shoot the (stuffed) wild animals and keep whatever you hit. (Actual youth will get first crack at them before the general populace.)

The archery range will have shoots for both adults and youth. There will be some loaner equipment available.


Rapier Activities with Lord Torquil


First there will be authorizations


"I am not Left Handed" Tournament: Round robin format, best two out of three bouts, the first bout must be fought with your sword in your non-dominant hand. All styles but case allowed.

Then there will be a warlord tourney if there's enough people.


Heavy Fighting with Lord Michael Colquhoun

9:00        List field opens for Authorization and pick up fights
10:00     “I am not left handed” Tourney - ·Combatants will meet in a round robin tourney using single handed weapon in their off hand.  The top five will then compete using a single handed weapon in the dominate hand.
11:00      “Defeat the Giant” Battle - ·Combatants will be timed in an attempt to knock a target off of the guest giants
12:30 -     “You are the brute squad” Grand Melee
1:30        “My brain, his strength, my steel against 30 men” Castle Siege - ·Three person fighter teams will attack a gate guarded by the rest of the field.  The attackers may resurrect, but the defenders cannot.  The team that defeats the field the fastest wins.
2:30        List opens for a various Melee practice - ·Request for types of practice will be taken from Royalty and Midrealm commanders “as they wish”.
5:00        List closes


All quotes from The Princess Bride are Copyright The Princess Bride Limited, 1987