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Evening Activities




Friday Evening

Rapier and Heavy Torchlight Tourneys (more information coming soon)


Moonlight Ball - 8pm to ??? Shelter House #3


Saturday Evening

Rapier Torchlight Tourney Part Deux - approx 1 hr. after feast


Baronial Marshmellow Roast - Sundown at the fire ring in the camping area


Bardic Fireside Tales Join Signore Llywelyn and the Associazione della Bardo - Sundown at the fire ring in the camping area

in an open bardic circle

devoted to the REAL tales from the Decameron - the gloves are off! Adult content!

Prizes will be awarded to those bringing the best tales (whether from the Decameron or not) which best embody the spirit of the event:

Best Plague Story, Best Sexy Story, and Most Outrageous Tale!



Glow-in-the-dark Bocce Ball Tournament - Approx 10pm just outside the camping area













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