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Children’s Activities


Mugmort Melees has been plagued with rats! Some have spread a rumor that they are causing the spread of disease, but we all know it’s really the black cats that are to blame.

However, rats are eating us out of food so something must be done to eliminate these pests. They have proven to be very resilient to our attempts to rid ourselves of them, however a new plan has been put in place. We need your help!



Get the Rats Out!


New ships have been commissioned to ship the rats elsewhere.

Participants will make an early period vessel, about 15 inches long. They may be colored as you see fit..

Race the Rats Away
Depending how waterproofing the vessels goes in the next few days (stay tuned for updates) there may be a boat race, fastest boat wins a prize.

Rats on the High Seas

While loading up a ship with rats and sending it away is a great way to move rats off the mainland, it’s not so great for the sailors.

Sailors make a game of tossing rats overboard, however the merpeople don’t appreciate this, and will toss the rats back.

This is a game where one team will occupy a “boat” and toss rats over the sides. The other team of merpeople will try to get rats back into the boat. After a short time, the rats in the boat are counted. Sides are switched, and the team with the fewest number of rats in the boat wins.

If We Can’t Lure Them Away with Cheese, Maybe We’ll Just Eat It All.
Lady Katayoun will be teaching a basic fresh cheese making class. At the end, everyone who attends will be able to make their soft cheese into a dessert by adding the toppings of their choice.



Lady Heodez will offer a origami solution to all our plague rat troubles



11AM Boffer/Youth Fighting List (at youth point) with Uilliam Le Syngur Ingelrie