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Martial Activities




Siege Authorizations WILL happen at Mugmort Melees 8!


Siege Activities

with Lord Diccon de Reinport

Siege Rules

Please check back soon for more information!


Archery Activities

with Parvati Chandravashi


9AM - range opens for inspections and warm-ups.
10AM - Royal Rounds
12PM - Lunch Break (Range open for practice if marshals are available)
1PM - Plague Rat Shoot
3PM - Wild Animal Hunt
4PM - Range Closes





Heavy Fighting Activities

with MiC Baron Marcus Pinarius Draconius


Mugmort Melees is Proud to be an OFFICIAL Baronial War Practice!


This year, the Shire of Mugmort will be hosting a Baronial War Practice at Mugmort Melees!

Join us for a day of fun battlefield scenarios that will train you for the large scale melees coming up this season!

9am - List table opens for inspections and authorizations

11am - Open field style battles:

- Traditional Open Field Battle
- Cattle Raid
- Warlord Melee Tourney
- Block formation/reform drills

1pm - Break for lunch and Melee Classes

- Class on the role of the Middle Marches in the Midrealm Army (Taught by Sir Diglach)
- Class on common commands given in melees and what they mean, or "Why is the Baron screaming at me?!" (Taught by Baron Marcus)
- Class on communication with your fellow soldiers in melee: sword/shield with spear/pole, combat archers etc. (Speaker TBD)

2pm - Bridge Battles
- "Peer Fear" Bridge
- How to Break Out a Bridge
- Valhalla Bridge ( Y-shaped bridge, when you die you join the team to your right!)

3pm - Pick up fighting and informal chivalry workshops on melee skills

4pm - List field closes to prepare for Court




Friday Night Torchlight Tourney

with Lord Michael Colquhoun

The tourney will begin just after dark on the battlefield.

Bear Pit format with winner holding the field.




Rapier Activities

with Mistress Gwyneth Banfhidhleir


Mugmort Melees is Proud to be an OFFICIAL OakenRegionalRapier War Practice!


Friday night
9 p.m. Lightsaber tournament (glow bracelets taped to rapiers) Bonus points for sound effects!

9:00 - List signup opens
9:30 -11 a.m Authorizations and warmups.
11:30-1 p.m: Wheel of (mis) Fortune tournament (This is a Decameron- themed event after all.)
Double elim- weapon styles based on random draw / dice throw / spin on the "wheel" - substitutions permitted if not authorized in a particular form).

Lunch Break/classes:

Care and Feeding of Rapier fighters (30 minutes)

Ms. Gwyneth (discussion of heat awareness, hydration, nutrition to keep fencers happy in the summer)

Melee Awareness class - Lord Darius Lowen

1-2 hours Oaken Legion Melee practice - Melee games and Pennsic Rapier melee scenarios - Lady Zatarra Dragonetti, Oaken Legion Commander

After practice: open field for pickups, etc.

Saturday night - 1 hour after feast
Lightsaber tournament - So much fun, we'll do it again!