Henry VII Being Presented with an Astronomical Manuscript, 1490
Used with permission from Luminarium Encyclopedia Project
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This is a page of links from which I might have used images from, but all we have found useful and informative, some in ways one would not expect!
Herewith is the Arts page of Master Ranthulfr Asparlundr where he details how to make medieval paintings, shows the construction of his book Ecclesiastes, and his artistic creation and construction of the miniature book "The Life of Jeanne d'Arc". Well worth the time to see in detail how these beautiful works are created.
The Luminarium Encyclopedia Project is an open project about the medieval and renaissance England life. I have spoken with the editors about using their images and linking to the encyclopedia with enthusiasm on both sides. This is an extremely valuable resource for any researcher.
We would like to thank the Encyclopedia Britannica for allowing us to use their material as per their educational policy
For those of a Tudor bent, Marliee Cody has on her sites images and information on the Tudor era. These sites are excellent an her links to primary sources are valuable: The Tudor Images and Tudor England Contents
The parchment background I created from a scan, but I found my inspiration at Benidict Phillip Jonsson's web site, which is just fun for the colanguage work he is doing.
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