Battle of Crécy (1346)
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This page shows the various marshal activities, such as heavy weapons
and archery and talks about the possibilities for practice and testing your
mettle upon the field of combat in the weapons style of your choice.

Heavy Weapons
This is the mainstay of the middle ages,
the sword and shield, the two handed sword,
the mace, the glave, the great sword, to mention
a few of the possibilities.
Remember that while the weapons are fake,
the armor real!
We believe in safety first.
Called light weapons, the armour is cloth
but of many layers, and the weapons while steel
have no points or edges that can harm.
While skill is all important, style follows closely
For the well turned cloak can act as a shield.
Archery, Field
This is a time when skill is all important
The speed of a shaft, skillfully placed
Can bring fame and delight to all,
when one only sees the gold center
Archery, Combat
When it is called for
an archer can reach out and remove a foe
from great distances. It takes fortitude
to tread upon the field of battle
to tempt the wings of fate
but when you change the course of war
it makes for grand story telling!
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