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Used with permission from Sidoney Elizabeth Morganm, Safiyya al Zarqa al Antalya

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Lady Nyah MacPhee
Nyah's device

Mundane name: Julie Granger
Kingdom Awards:
Award of Arms
Baronial Awards:
Gilded Reed (Mugmort Melees 8)


Nyah was born in the last decade of the 15th century on the island of Colonsay in Scotland.  As the youngest living child of a Scottish merchant sailor and his Welsh wife, she spent her early years at her mother's side learning domestic arts  - embroidery, cooking, sewing, and the housekeeping duties of a good wife of a moderately wealthy manse.  At her father's insistence, she was taught languages, ciphers, and letters by her uncle, a priest at the Augustine priory on the adjoining island of Oronsay.  Nyah's father doted on her, especially after the death of her mother in the earliest part of the 16th century.  Rather than fostering her to a relative for further female education, he allows Nyah to dress as a boy and sail with him on trading voyages -- places such as the Indies, Persia, and most recently, a harrowing passage through the Barbary Coast.

Nyah joined the SCA in 2009.  She came to a Mugmort meeting the first Tuesday after Pennsic XXXVIII and 2 months later, was serving as the Shire's MOAS (which office she still currently holds).  She enjoys the scribal arts, cooking, and embroidery most of all, but because of her interest in her office has dabbled in a wide variety of activities-- fiber arts, pewter casting, lampworking, European Dance, and henna application -- just to name a few!  She is most likely to be found at an event running A&S activities, helping out in the kitchen, shooting archery, or a combination of all three.

Julie is as busy in her mundane life as she is in the Society.  She's employed part-time as an administrative assistant, and part-time as an associate of a major retail store.  She's also been found on occasion at several local watering holes, teaching Line Dancing and Country & Western Dance.




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