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Mistress Roewynne Langley



Mundane name: Terri Shurgin

Kingdom Awards:Award of Arms, Purple Fret, Dragon's Barb, Order of the willow, Order of the Evergreen, Doe's Grace, Order of the Dragon's Heart, Order of the Greenwood Company, Order of the Pelican


Baronial Awards: Golden Pheon, Golden Affondil, Warden of the Marche



I am a Greenwood member, an Archery Marshal and a Scribe. I love to travel and I work the ranges at Pennsic. My husband is Vorlin o'r Gwig, and we have 3 children who are attending collage.


I have an archery range in the backyard, all are welcome to come practic, just give me a call.





Purple FretOrder of the WillowOrder of the EvergreenDoe's GraceOrder of the Dragon's HeartOrder of the Greenwood CompanyOrder of the Pelican


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